Top Tips

I love to share what works for me and my little one and I want to hear any top tips you have too!

My top 10 tips for new parents:

  1.  White noise – I couldn’t and still can’t live without white noise for my daughter. It helps baby sleep and easily could put you to sleep too! There are so many cds, apps and music providers that have a great selection of white noise. If one sound doesn’t work (or stops working) for your baby; try another!
  2. Streaming – It can be difficult staying awake or just being awake for long periods in general. I personally found it became much easier when I embraced the lack of sleep and watched a show on my phone. It helped time pass quicker and kept me awake while feeding. Obviously keep the volume low, lights dimmed and I use the Twilight app to remove the blue light in your screen which disrupts your sleep.
  3. Box sets – This kind of goes hand in hand with number 2. There will be a lot of time spent sitting around feeding. Your baby is going to drink A LOT to begin with and even once that settles down there will be many an hour spent feeding. You might as well watch something while you are sat there.
  4. Limit visitors – Everyone will be desperate to meet the new arrival which is lovely and of course you are desperate to show off your wonderful bundle of joy but remember not to be swept up in the rush and not have time for yourself. Limit the amount of visitors you see, spread them out over days and DO NOT play hostess! Since they ran over to see the baby, I am sure they are able enough to make you a cuppa; sit down! Whether you had a natural birth or c-section, your body has been though a lot. Be gentle to it and take it slow. Try and not overwhelm yourself or your baby. Remember your baby has just arrived, it doesn’t know this world yet and too much all at once can be too much for them to take in. An over stimulated baby can find sleep difficult and can be more restless which means less sleep for you. Not exactly what you need!
  5. Be patient – This applies to yourself and your partner. There isn’t much sleep happening which can make moody sleep deprived parents. Be patient with one another and share how you are feeling as much as possible. You are in it together! If you a single parent then be patient with yourself, ask for any help and support that you can have from loved ones.
  6. If you are breastfeeding then be kind to yourself – It can be tricky in the beginning (a little sore too as your nipples get used to their job) and if you are struggling then please seek advice from your midwife, family or friends. If you are bottle feeding then be kind to yourself – Whatever the reason you are bottle feeding, whether it has been your choice or something that was chosen for you, then remember you are still doing a great job. You are still doing the best you can for your baby.
  7. Fluids and snacks – When ever you sit down to feed have a drink and a snack with you. You need to keep your energy up for one and if you are breastfeeding then you are losing calories and fluid to your baby. Stay hydrated and have healthy nutritious snacks.
  8. Take pictures – Your little one is not little for long. Take pictures when you can so you can look back when you are feeling sentimental.
  9. One for the partners – Even if you are unsure what you are doing, mummy will appreciate the hand. Whether it is preparing food, changing a nappy or having a cuddle so mummy can catch 40 winks. I often say, you learn by doing!
  10. Most importantly – This stage does not last forever! It can be awful in those first few months but remember while it feels never ending at the time, it will be a fuzzy memory in just a mater of months. Then you will forget enough that you want another one ;o)

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