Finally seeing a difference!

I’ve been exercising a lot over the past couple of months. I have been going to two exercise classes a week (plus running there and walking back), running every second day and then doing my daily dog walks which I’m loving but I’m pretty exhausted. Some evenings I’m falling asleep on the sofa which is not like me! Yip, I’m one tired mama but today I finally noticed a change in my body and I thought… yes, this is what I’ve been working towards! 

Now by no means did I wake up this morning and I suddenly had the body of a super model but the fact I could see a difference (even if slight) made me feel pretty awesome! I had been struggling to see any… I don’t like the word improvement as I don’t think that’s the healthiest term but I hope you understand what I mean. I haven’t been doing all this exercise to have an amazing body. I’ve been doing it to feel healthy with the hope that I’d have a healthy figure as a by product, so while I have been disheartened with little change to my body up until now, I was not going to quit. 

My fitness level is much higher now, I can feel my stamina grow all the time. When I began running to my exercise classes (an accident to begin with, I’m terrible at time keeping) I had to walk some stretches and now I can pretty much run the whole way without much bother. The exercise classes themselves have become easier too. I’m enjoying pushing myself further all the time and reminding myself I’m capable.

So while I knew my fitness levels had definitely been increasing steadily, I just couldn’t see the physical difference on my body. Well not in the part I truly wanted to…my mummy tummy. However as I said in be beginning, I finally noticed a change today. I put on a pair of leggings that I hadn’t for a while (probably not since the beginning of this fitness journey) and I was surprised. Where were my bumps? Sure I wasn’t lump free but I was definitely smaller and tighter. Writing that makes it sound like a huge change and although in reality it’s probably unnoticeable to others; to me it really is that big a difference!

So this has brightened up my day. It’s reinforced the fact that my exercise plan is paying off for me; both inside and out. 

Wife and mother, x


First pair of shoes!

I can’t believe we are already buying shoes for our little girl! I keep thinking back to a year ago, when she was so tiny and just lay in our arms contently. Now she is huge! Well, you know, one year old size! Huge by comparison to where she started hehe! She is just constantly on the go. I don’t know where this girl gets her energy from but I certainly wish I had some of it! 

While she is not walking independently yet, she does love walking around with either her walker or our helping hands. It has been on my mind lately to branch out and buy her first pair of shoes as while she still needs some assistance, I really don’t think it will be long until she does it alone. I also thought by having some shoes, it would give her the opportunity to try and walk around more. Up until now I would only let her have a cruise around inside the house but with shoes she would be able to do it anywhere which I’m hoping will help build her confidence. I think it’s also important to let her have the chance to experience toddling around a shop if she wants to; siting in a buggy must get old pretty fast when you are an active Monkey.

So today we did it! Daddy is just home from a trip away so we thought it would be a nice family thing to do upon his return. We ended up trying for shoes twice as the first store didn’t have any in her size, which was a really pain because our daughter screamed through the whole feet measuring process which filled me with dread at the idea of trying again! Thankfully the next shop we went into had a wonderful young assistant who made the measuring experience fun and distracted her as she did it. There was laughter and smiles which put me at ease too. There was also a fantastic selection of footwear to pick from! We picked some adorable little pink shoes with some pretty detailing on the front. They also have soft soles so aren’t as structured or heavy for crawling and a good first shoe to get used to the idea.

From the minute they went on her feet she was thrilled! We walked around the shoe shop, then around the coffee shop, then around a shoe shop for daddy (no mummy did not get shoes too, apparently I have too many?) and then walked through the car park to our car! She was having a ball and cried whenever she was lifted. 

I think it’s fair to say that she is thrilled with her first pair of shoes and once she realises she can walk without a hand, there will be no stopping her! I guess the next purchase should be some reins?!

Wife and mother, x

Workout in the rain!

So I tend to run late for most things although I actually (mostly) get where I’m going at the right time. I blame life as a parent as things always seem to take far longer than you expect! There is also always the possibility that there will be an unexpected, unplanned and last minute nappy change as we are just about to step out the door!

So my exercise class stared at 10am and it is roughly a 45 minute walk away. I planned to leave at 9am so I would have a comfortable walk to my class. It was my first time trying it but I thought it would warm me up and burn some extra calories…win win! Well that was the plan before I was actually living the morning and everything was taking ages! Nothing seemed to be going to plan despite being awake at 5.30am! My planned 9am leave turned into rushing out the house at 9.30am. Hmm 30mins to do a 45min walk…there was no way that it was going to work! So my casual stroll turned into a run to my exercise class. In the rain. With the buggy. Along the side of a main road. Like a mad lady! 

I made it though! Only 3mins late! I looked attractive…well, as attractive as a drowned rat! Although that was the least of my problems as I was now having to embark on an hours intense work out and I was pretty exhausted. I’m not going to lie. It was pretty tough going and I was pleased when we moved on to some easier things. Easier being anything that used my upper body and gave my little legs a rest!

My class was also outside, so at least everyone else quickly looked as wet as me and actually the rain kept us cool as we felt the burn! The only thing I did not care for was my incredibly soaked feet. By the time I got home (yes, I walked back, phew) my feet were pure white and shriveled. I was so thankful for a warm shower!

Oh well, it was definitely a good work out but I think I’ll still plan to leave earlier next time…

Wife and mother, x

What’s a holiday without a hill to climb?!

The weather wasn’t as nice as we had hoped today, not that it dampened our spirits! Off the whole family went, children, parents, grandparents and great grandparents, on an island hopping adventure.

We had great fun exploring little shops with local crafts and seeing the landscape change from place to place. It was also our daughter’s first boat ride, which she loved! She was completely amused by the waves and kept pointing in excitement. Seeing her joy also took my mind off the sea sickness that I was feeling so it was a win win.

Coming from a doggy family meant that of course we had a number of dogs along for the ride too. Not that we aren’t used to the chaos! So my husband suggested a walk that we could all do with the dogs on one of the islands. Our daughter really enjoys being in the rucksack carrier we have for her but we decided she would probably prefer to be in her buggy to get a good view of the dogs…

Well this “quick and not hilly walk” was the steepest and bumpiest walk we have ever done with our buggy!! Here I was pushing nearly 15kg up a huge hill! It was a constant battle between the wheels and roots/rocks, which made some parts feel never ending. My husband did take a couple of turns in fairness but I did about 90% as I’m pretty stubborn. I am woman, see me roar!


When we finally made it back to the older relatives that we had left behind in a cosy cafe, they confessed that they had been extremely worried. We had left them saying “see you in 45 minutes” and returned an hour and a half later!

I’m impressed that I was able to do it all with a smile on my face. I think it shows my exercise classes/running is really paying off! I’m feeling fitter and healthier all the time. It’s definitely not the walk I was expecting to be on today but on the bright side, I don’t feel guilty about missing my exercise class now! 

Wife and mother, x

Lessons in the rain

I have to admit I am one of those people who likes a bit of rain. The warm bright sunny days are so enjoyable. Being able to spend all day outside doing activities that you wouldn’t dream of doing in the wet but when the light haze of rain dances in front of me and creates a blanket of tiny droplets over everything…well there is something pretty beautiful about that too.

Today we had a spell of rain which happened to time with our daily dog walk. Setting off dressed ready for the drizzle meant that I was able to just enjoy the time outside. It was as I was walking through the open countryside that I couldn’t help but feel this overwhelming sense of peace.

My head is normally busy, full of worries and problems as probably most people out there. Yet there was nothing. The still through the rain made me feel calm. I simply enjoyed this beautiful planet and all the wonderful things in it. The meandering stream that ran by me, knowing its direction. The grazing horses ahead, so strong and statuesque. The rain, falling steadily, gently and constant.

Perhaps the world was trying to tell me something today. To take a moment and take a breath. It is so easy to be swept up in the challenges we each face but standing in this wide open space, with nothing but wonder surrounding me, I can’t help but think that I could draw so much from the nature around me.

Like the stream I should be calm because even if my course is faltered, I know the direction I want to be going and so it doesn’t matter how I get there. To be strong like the horses and stay true to myself, while remembering to be still enough to listen to others. Then like the beautiful falling rain; to be gentle in life with myself and with others. To remember those who are constant and be thankful for them.

Wife and mother, x


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