Noodle our awesome poodle

​I often talk about how wonderful my daughter is and how wonderful my husband is but I must admit, I think I have the most wonderful dog in the world too!

Noodle has been from the beginning, a loving and gentle soul. He was such a playful puppy and to be honest, still is. Nearing 4 years old, he still loves nothing more than running around and playing with you. He will adore you even more if you bring out a ball. He definitely  has a ball addiction which while is not uncommon for a dog, I think is pretty cute.

He has been on my mind a lot because he has been really frustrating as of late. Yet another reason we think it was a chemical pregnancy because jumping all over me, is an understatement! He was like that when I was pregnant with our daughter too. Very excited all the time, wouldn’t leave me alone and unfortunately very frisky! Which is all fine and well until he tries to hump your child! We were not laughing! He has been neutered though, so goodness knows why this reaction happens. Anyway much like me, things have also settled down with him. It is so lovely to have the happy but calmer version of our dog back.

However, the reason I bring up how amazing I find him is for two reasons. 

Firstly he is awesome because he saved our daughter’s mitten! Tis the season for wrapping up warm and for children all over to be throwing hats, gloves, mittens etc out of the moving buggy without us realising until too late. Well she did just that the other day and I didn’t have a clue where her missing mitten was. A piece of a woolen set that we were just given from my sister! After searching for ages, I suddenly remembered I had Noodle with me. I gave him the other miten to smell, asked him to “go find” and off he went to the mittens rescue. He found it within minutes of me asking, super dog! I was so thankful!

Secondly he puts up with an awful lot from our daughter. She is (on the whole) gentle but lets face it, she is a one year old who doesn’t realise that pulling his hair might actually hurt him. Noodle adores her though and will take everything she throws at him (sometimes literally) in his stride. Just earlier today she was bouncing balloons off of him, which of course was not sore but definitely annoying…he just lay there, probably thinking what a funny little human she is. They love chasing each other around the room and he would lick her all day if he could. It is a very sweet bond. 

I guess I just don’t want to take his place in our family for granted and while his mood has been challenging recently, I could not imagine our life without him. He is one special little guy!

Wife and mother, x

What’s a holiday without a hill to climb?!

The weather wasn’t as nice as we had hoped today, not that it dampened our spirits! Off the whole family went, children, parents, grandparents and great grandparents, on an island hopping adventure.

We had great fun exploring little shops with local crafts and seeing the landscape change from place to place. It was also our daughter’s first boat ride, which she loved! She was completely amused by the waves and kept pointing in excitement. Seeing her joy also took my mind off the sea sickness that I was feeling so it was a win win.

Coming from a doggy family meant that of course we had a number of dogs along for the ride too. Not that we aren’t used to the chaos! So my husband suggested a walk that we could all do with the dogs on one of the islands. Our daughter really enjoys being in the rucksack carrier we have for her but we decided she would probably prefer to be in her buggy to get a good view of the dogs…

Well this “quick and not hilly walk” was the steepest and bumpiest walk we have ever done with our buggy!! Here I was pushing nearly 15kg up a huge hill! It was a constant battle between the wheels and roots/rocks, which made some parts feel never ending. My husband did take a couple of turns in fairness but I did about 90% as I’m pretty stubborn. I am woman, see me roar!


When we finally made it back to the older relatives that we had left behind in a cosy cafe, they confessed that they had been extremely worried. We had left them saying “see you in 45 minutes” and returned an hour and a half later!

I’m impressed that I was able to do it all with a smile on my face. I think it shows my exercise classes/running is really paying off! I’m feeling fitter and healthier all the time. It’s definitely not the walk I was expecting to be on today but on the bright side, I don’t feel guilty about missing my exercise class now! 

Wife and mother, x

In need of sleep…

Tonight is one of those nights! The kind of night I just want to just go to bed and start afresh tomorrow…except I can’t. My baby won’t settle and my dog is being naughty. So I guess I’ll just write about it instead! 

The amount of sleep we have been getting recently has been ridiculously low and I am exhausted. Sunday’s are always a long day for us so I have been longing for my bed for hours already and I am literally fighting to keep my eyes open.

My daughter isn’t a good sleeper and never has been but the one part that has actually been quite good as of late, is the speed in which she will settle in the evening. I could settle her and be downstairs with my husband within half an hour. However for some reason that has gone right out the window; which brings me to tonight. 

Well over an hour of struggling with her, I finally managed to get her to sleep. She wouldn’t drink after a certain point, wouldn’t accept a cuddle and certainly wouldn’t give in to sleep alone. Without attempting the “cry it out” method (which is the only thing we haven’t tried and would rather not) there wasn’t much else I could do but just continue to go round in circles, trying each method until she finally gave in. Which she did…eventually!

I then go downstairs to find my angel of a dog had decided to have a crazy streak and raided the bin! Something he has never done before! Sheer disappointment is the only word I can use to describe how I feel. We have always trusted him so seeing this makes me very sad.

So once I clean up the mess my naughty boy made, I think a cuppa would be the answer to my mood. Well of course, that’s not how it goes! I hear my baby sobbing in her bed!

I pause listening to see if she will drop back off but alas no. 

So up I go again to hope she falls asleep quickly as bed is calling me! I’m not sure what’s making my little girl struggle to settle, perhaps it’s just a phase but I hope it passes soon. At least when it comes to sleep, I know it won’t last forever. I’m sure I’ll be complaining that she sleeps too much when she becomes a teenager! 

Wife and mother, X

What have we forgotten now?!

Well today has been one of those days!

My husband and I needed to run an errand for my father in law which included a bit of a drive. Thankfully our daughter seems much better so this was a good first trip out for her. However between her sickness bug and our constant battle with sleep we have generally been functioning at less than half capacity. Today was a good example of how it is effecting us. We left the house three times for the same journey!

The first time we left our house we made it to the end of our road… “I didn’t lock my bike.” My husband tuts. Easy mistake. So we decided it is best to turn around for peace of mind. Okay, so bike is locked away safely and we set off again.

The second attempt got us a little further along the main road… “The car isn’t locked!” My husband sighs. Really? We both considered this one for a minute or two but decided we really should go back…frustrating but there we go. Bike safe, car now locked and here we go again!

The third attempt took us a lot further.”Did I turn off the cooker?” I gasp! Seriously?! No, of course it’s off. I am amazing at checking such things, I tell myself as my husband joins the motorway because he has decided this time we aren’t turning around. “It will be off, there is no way you would leave it on.” He tells me.

“Oh no!!!” He exclaims! Which quickly makes me panic because he wont tell me what he is panicking about! “The dog!”

Yes that’s right, we are now those hard shells that used to contain humans. In the three years we have had our dog. Not once have we forgotten him. Not even for a second! Well they say there is a first for everything and today was that day. It also annoyingly took us 20 minutes to get home because we were stuck on the motorway until we could turn around! Of course our dog was safe in our garden and we live in a very quiet neighborhood but boy did we feel bad as we arrived back at the house for the third time. He was sitting at our back door looking a little miffed but thankfully forgave us quickly!

I can’t believe that not only did we forget to put him in the car but we also went back to the house twice and didn’t realise. I truly hope that our sleep improves before we loose our marbles completely!

Wife and mother, x



I’m so sorry!

I have had far too much sun today and I am unfortunately feeling the effects now with heat stroke – silly me! When I saw the daily prompt as I was perusing the blogs I follow; I couldn’t help but laugh at the word “embarrassing” after an event today!

Having a dog is wonderful and very rewarding. The companionship they share with you is something rather special and they will happily return all the love you give them. Not to mention they happen to be ridiculously adorable! Which is probably why we over look all the expensive vet bills, the odd naughty trick (or two) and forgive them the embarrassment they bring to us!

As the weather is so deliciously hot we spent the whole day doing activities outside (hence why I am suffering now) with some cousins who we don’t get to see as often as we would like. There were three big dogs and two children in buggies between three of us. So to say you could see us coming, on a quiet Wednesday in a quaint town, would be an understatement.

There was such a beautiful spot by the river where the dogs could play in the water, we could relax on a picnic bench and there was a play park for the kids. Such a blissful little area for us to spend our day together. Soaking up both the sun and the company.

The only problem was that there were a whole bunch of other people who had the same idea. Mostly older couples and a few other families.

Well three dogs, water and a stick was bound to spell trouble in hindsight! The dogs were madly swimming and playing with a stick when disaster struck! The stick must have sunk because suddenly the dogs were no longer happily swimming in the river. They were now hurtling towards us (and all the other lovely people) soaking wet and determined to reach us to beg for a new game. The panic must have crossed us all at the same time as we all jumped forwards shouting, “NO!!!”

It was too late.

The dogs had come too close. This was of course the time that they decided to shake off all the water they had soaked up from the river and of course had to cover all the surrounding people in the process. The freezing water on our hot and under dressed skin sent a shock through us all. The dogs not realising what had just happened, continued to run around oblivious as we exclaimed our apologies on mass!

The pure embarrassment and shame swallowed us whole. It was such an awful moment but unfortunately dogs will be dogs and they certainly have a mind of their own! Thankfully everyone found it amusing and could see the funny side. Everyone understood that you can’t control when your dog might shake but my goodness we will carry the embarrassment with us…well, at least until the next time.

Wife and mother, x

My mischief makers

Our house is full of mischief. We have two beautiful mischief makers that keep us on our toes; our daughter and our poodle.

The day is full of one or both of them getting up to as much nonsense as they possibly can. Now my daughter is crawling there is nothing that she can’t get her hands on. Which is both cute and terrifying, as she seems to like everything she shouldn’t. She has an adorable habit of proudly waving the thing she shouldn’t have managed to grab at you with a giant grin.

The playful atmosphere in our house starts as soon as my daughter opens her eyes in the morning. It is funny how she can go from asleep to “must play” in a mere matter of seconds. Right, what can I get my hands on?! To be honest the dog isn’t any different. I think it might be a poodle thing but he must have something in his mouth when he is excited; which is most of the time! He thankfully understands to leave her toys alone but now that she has found her new sense of independence, who are we to tell her to leave his toys alone? He has started to think this might benefit him though, perhaps meaning the beginning of a new game and has decided that if he is going to share anything with her, it’s going to be his ball! Unfortunately for him, she hasn’t realised that he wants her to throw it…yet.

If there is silence in the house and it isn’t nap time, then you know there is mischief afoot! A silent dog in particular spells trouble. My dog loves tissues and has been known on a rare and naughty occasion to jump on our bed (a huge no no) to grab tissues from our bedside table. Not even just one tissue; if it is a box of tissues he will happily pull them out one by one and tear them apart! I don’t know if it is witnessing this desire to shred tissues that has turned our daughter into a tissue fiend too but she can also sniff out a tissue (perhaps in an open handbag) and claim it as her own to tear. I feel we should be planting trees to help balance the damage made between the two of them!

Of course the mischief that they cause is always playful and although they can certainly create a mess, I wouldn’t swap my crazy little family for anything.

Wife and mother, x