Noodle our awesome poodle

‚ÄčI often talk about how wonderful my daughter is and how wonderful my husband is but I must admit, I think I have the most wonderful dog in the world too!

Noodle has been from the beginning, a loving and gentle soul. He was such a playful puppy and to be honest, still is. Nearing 4 years old, he still loves nothing more than running around and playing with you. He will adore you even more if you bring out a ball. He definitely  has a ball addiction which while is not uncommon for a dog, I think is pretty cute.

He has been on my mind a lot because he has been really frustrating as of late. Yet another reason we think it was a chemical pregnancy because jumping all over me, is an understatement! He was like that when I was pregnant with our daughter too. Very excited all the time, wouldn’t leave me alone and unfortunately very frisky! Which is all fine and well until he tries to hump your child! We were not laughing! He has been neutered though, so goodness knows why this reaction happens. Anyway much like me, things have also settled down with him. It is so lovely to have the happy but calmer version of our dog back.

However, the reason I bring up how amazing I find him is for two reasons. 

Firstly he is awesome because he saved our daughter’s mitten! Tis the season for wrapping up warm and for children all over to be throwing hats, gloves, mittens etc out of the moving buggy without us realising until too late. Well she did just that the other day and I didn’t have a clue where her missing mitten was. A piece of a woolen set that we were just given from my sister! After searching for ages, I suddenly remembered I had Noodle with me. I gave him the other miten to smell, asked him to “go find” and off he went to the mittens rescue. He found it within minutes of me asking, super dog! I was so thankful!

Secondly he puts up with an awful lot from our daughter. She is (on the whole) gentle but lets face it, she is a one year old who doesn’t realise that pulling his hair might actually hurt him. Noodle adores her though and will take everything she throws at him (sometimes literally) in his stride. Just earlier today she was bouncing balloons off of him, which of course was not sore but definitely annoying…he just lay there, probably thinking what a funny little human she is. They love chasing each other around the room and he would lick her all day if he could. It is a very sweet bond. 

I guess I just don’t want to take his place in our family for granted and while his mood has been challenging recently, I could not imagine our life without him. He is one special little guy!

Wife and mother, x

Celebrating my babies 1st birthday and 12 months of breastfeeding!

How is it possible I have an 12 month old baby…child?! Where has my newborn gone? I swear she was here just a minute ago and then I blinked!


This past year has been the best year of my life because I have gotten to watch my beautiful baby develop and change into a proper little girl. There truly are no words to describe just how much love I have for her. Who knew life could be this tiring, difficult, exciting and wonderful all at the same time. Every second with her is a second to treasure.

Not only does a year mark my daughter’s age but also a milestone for our breastfeeding journey! I am incredibly proud and happy that we have made it to a year, as breastfeeding is something that I was really looking forward to before she arrived. I knew that it wasn’t easy for everyone but hoped it would work for us and it did. I have been very lucky not to experience any cracked nipples etc that people can suffer from and although I get blocked ducts very easily, I have so far managed to resolve them myself.

We decided that since she wouldn’t remember her first birthday, we would keep it low key as there will be plenty of future birthdays to throw huge parties for! We instead took her to a soft play centre where mummy, daddy and baby had great fun! She just loved the whole experience and we enjoyed watching how happy she was exploring.

Afterwards we had a small afternoon tea with a few extended family members who had wanted to pop in with gifts. She was a very lucky girl and got a lot of lovely toys. I made her a (refined) sugar free cake which she absolutely loved! In fact not only did she love eating it but she also loved smearing it all over her face, head and clothes! We actually had to bath her straight away as there are not enough baby wipes in the world to have cleaned her up!

It so happens her birthday coincides with another family member so a larger party went out for dinner to celebrate both birthdays. A formal dinner probably isn’t the way most families finish their child’s first birthday but it truly was a great finish to a super day. The staff were so kind and neighboring tables engaged with our daughter which made the atmosphere completely relaxed.

I couldn’t be happier with how her first birthday went. We had such a wonderful day as a family with so much laughter and love; celebrating the most awesome little one year old around!

Wife and mother, x

1st birthday planning!

So our daughters 1st birthday is less than a month away now and I have no idea where to start! I know that whatever we do it will be small as I don’t think we need to go overboard however it is my daughters 1st birthday and surely it should be marked properly? Here’s what I’m thinking so far…

I think it would be nice to take her somewhere she would enjoy. Perhaps to a soft play area where she can let off steam or even a sealife centre where she can watch all the fish… 

I’d like to make her a birthday cake and I would it love if she could have some too; although I don’t want her eating sugar (refined) so I think I’ll try out one of my beetroot or carrot sugar free cakes with a cream cheese frosting. I’m not sure how I could make it look exciting though…

Guests are a little tricky as where do you draw the line? Should it just be my husband, daughter and me? Or should I let any of the wider family tag along if they want to? 

The only think I’m sure of is that we are buying her a ball pool for her birthday! She absolutely loves playing with balls around the living room so we think she will be thrilled to play in amongst a mass of them. I actually can’t wait so see her excitement!

If anyone has any suggestions for what we could do or could tell me what they did for their child’s 1st birthday I would appreciate it! I really want it to be a great day for her as even if she won’t remember it years later; I’d still love for her to enjoy it while it’s here!

Wife and mother, x