Date night!

Who would have thought it?! Hubby and I actually had a dinner out; just the two of us! We have both spent a little time away from our daughter before (hubby mostly) but this was the first time we had been out together since she was born and it was really special.

We love our little unit and haven’t felt a desperate need for us to do something without our daughter. Especially since we do enjoy cuddling down on the sofa, with a TV show and popcorn in the evening which is our time together; just us. 

We were planning on going out for dinner to celebrate our second wedding anniversary when the idea of a date night popped into my head. I’m really pleased that I did. I was so excited by the idea of quality time with my husband. No worrying about trying to make conversation while being constantly distracted by crying, feeding etc. Time just for us.

It truly was a lovely evening. We went to a very small but beautiful restaurant we found not too long ago and just enjoyed each others company. I think we will need to start having the odd date night here and there because while our family unit is important, so is the foundation of our relationship and we need to give it time too. I am already looking forward to when we next get the opportunity!

Although I must admit, I did like receiving the updates from my mother on how they we’re getting on at home! 

Wife and mother, x


An unfortunate accident.

So today we decided to take our daughter to the zoo for the first time with some friends and while I have incredibly mixed feelings about zoos, we did have a good time. 

Anyway, long story short there is was an accident as we were getting ready to leave and our daughter fell forward in her carry rucksack and hit her head on the ground outside. Big bump, big tears and big panic! We were lucky to have a great first aider who thought on her feet and crushed ice creams into some tissue paper to hold against her head as we researched the nearest hospital to get to.

We were seen very quickly by a nurse and marked as urgent to be seen by a doctor. Although one thing I should have mentioned when I said about the ice creams…they were mojito flavor! So every medical staff member we saw, we felt we had to quickly throw in the fact it was a mojito ice cream pack incase they could smell the alcohol! Thankfully they all found it funny and the doctor even smelled her head to decide if he could tell the flavor. Very nice staff and thankfully our daughter is fine (other than the giant egg on her head) which is a great relief.

It’s amazing how resilient children are. She was playing and causing mischief pretty quickly afterwards while I still felt sick to the stomach hours later. The image of the terrible plummet engraved in my mind, playing on a loop no matter how hard I tried not to think about it. I was also on the edge of my seat as she played. Every wobble made me jump as I panicked about her hurting herself some more. I think it will take some time to feel relaxed again.

Not only is the image haunting but the guilt we as parents feel, is just incredible. My husband truly feels responsible as he was sorting the carrier as it happened. He feels awful. Now I could blame him for careless or not thinking or not reacting quickly enough or goodness knows what else! However I am not going to. Not only would it not help the situation but it would be unfair. It was no ones fault, it was just an accident.

Accidents unfortunately happen from time to time. We can be as careful and as conscientious as we can possibly be and yet still we would have accidents. Why? Because we are all human. 

To blame my husband would be cruel when he could not feel any worse about the situation already. I blame myself too. We were both there when it happened, we have equal responsibility. I too could have noticed a problem or caught her or reacted faster but I didn’t. 

Pointing a finger would not help our daughter. In fact I think if she saw us arguing over who’s fault it was, it would make it worse for her. It would effect our relationship too. Marriage is a long road, we must love and support one another.

The main thing is our daughter is absolutely fine. The doctor said she was his favorite patient because she was easy. He played with her and told us we had nothing to worry about. 

Blaming each other would be easy but supporting one another is more important. For our daughter and for each other.

Wife and mother, x