Problem solved!

Everyday we are having the same battle with our daughters winter woolies. They don’t last very long before they are on the ground and if we are lucky, we may have noticed in time!

Well today we had forgotten her mittens, which made us feel like terrible parents since it was the coldest day we have had yet. Then I remembered we had a spare pair of my mother in laws gloves still in the car from their last visit. If she won’t keep mittens on, there is no way she will keep adult gloves on, I hear you say! Well, I also remembered we had sellotape in the car too!

Yes, we sellotaped the gloves onto our child!

Before you pass judgement though, let me tell you, we had 100% success (not that I’m recommending you sellotape your children’s clothes on)! The gloves stayed on for the whole walk and she didn’t even attempt to pull them off. It was wonderful! Although let the record show, we made sure it was loose enough around her wrists that it wouldn’t hurt her.  The only thing that was a bit tricky was the removal of the gloves but we also had scissors with us; which of course we used extremely cautiously.  

I’ve never been so thankful for forgetful in laws and and my disorganised wrapping of presents in the car! Problem solved!

Wife and mother, x


Noodle our awesome poodle

‚ÄčI often talk about how wonderful my daughter is and how wonderful my husband is but I must admit, I think I have the most wonderful dog in the world too!

Noodle has been from the beginning, a loving and gentle soul. He was such a playful puppy and to be honest, still is. Nearing 4 years old, he still loves nothing more than running around and playing with you. He will adore you even more if you bring out a ball. He definitely  has a ball addiction which while is not uncommon for a dog, I think is pretty cute.

He has been on my mind a lot because he has been really frustrating as of late. Yet another reason we think it was a chemical pregnancy because jumping all over me, is an understatement! He was like that when I was pregnant with our daughter too. Very excited all the time, wouldn’t leave me alone and unfortunately very frisky! Which is all fine and well until he tries to hump your child! We were not laughing! He has been neutered though, so goodness knows why this reaction happens. Anyway much like me, things have also settled down with him. It is so lovely to have the happy but calmer version of our dog back.

However, the reason I bring up how amazing I find him is for two reasons. 

Firstly he is awesome because he saved our daughter’s mitten! Tis the season for wrapping up warm and for children all over to be throwing hats, gloves, mittens etc out of the moving buggy without us realising until too late. Well she did just that the other day and I didn’t have a clue where her missing mitten was. A piece of a woolen set that we were just given from my sister! After searching for ages, I suddenly remembered I had Noodle with me. I gave him the other miten to smell, asked him to “go find” and off he went to the mittens rescue. He found it within minutes of me asking, super dog! I was so thankful!

Secondly he puts up with an awful lot from our daughter. She is (on the whole) gentle but lets face it, she is a one year old who doesn’t realise that pulling his hair might actually hurt him. Noodle adores her though and will take everything she throws at him (sometimes literally) in his stride. Just earlier today she was bouncing balloons off of him, which of course was not sore but definitely annoying…he just lay there, probably thinking what a funny little human she is. They love chasing each other around the room and he would lick her all day if he could. It is a very sweet bond. 

I guess I just don’t want to take his place in our family for granted and while his mood has been challenging recently, I could not imagine our life without him. He is one special little guy!

Wife and mother, x

Finally seeing a difference!

I’ve been exercising a lot over the past couple of months. I have been going to two exercise classes a week (plus running there and walking back), running every second day and then doing my daily dog walks which I’m loving but I’m pretty exhausted. Some evenings I’m falling asleep on the sofa which is not like me! Yip, I’m one tired mama but today I finally noticed a change in my body and I thought… yes, this is what I’ve been working towards! 

Now by no means did I wake up this morning and I suddenly had the body of a super model but the fact I could see a difference (even if slight) made me feel pretty awesome! I had been struggling to see any… I don’t like the word improvement as I don’t think that’s the healthiest term but I hope you understand what I mean. I haven’t been doing all this exercise to have an amazing body. I’ve been doing it to feel healthy with the hope that I’d have a healthy figure as a by product, so while I have been disheartened with little change to my body up until now, I was not going to quit. 

My fitness level is much higher now, I can feel my stamina grow all the time. When I began running to my exercise classes (an accident to begin with, I’m terrible at time keeping) I had to walk some stretches and now I can pretty much run the whole way without much bother. The exercise classes themselves have become easier too. I’m enjoying pushing myself further all the time and reminding myself I’m capable.

So while I knew my fitness levels had definitely been increasing steadily, I just couldn’t see the physical difference on my body. Well not in the part I truly wanted to…my mummy tummy. However as I said in be beginning, I finally noticed a change today. I put on a pair of leggings that I hadn’t for a while (probably not since the beginning of this fitness journey) and I was surprised. Where were my bumps? Sure I wasn’t lump free but I was definitely smaller and tighter. Writing that makes it sound like a huge change and although in reality it’s probably unnoticeable to others; to me it really is that big a difference!

So this has brightened up my day. It’s reinforced the fact that my exercise plan is paying off for me; both inside and out. 

Wife and mother, x

What’s a holiday without a hill to climb?!

The weather wasn’t as nice as we had hoped today, not that it dampened our spirits! Off the whole family went, children, parents, grandparents and great grandparents, on an island hopping adventure.

We had great fun exploring little shops with local crafts and seeing the landscape change from place to place. It was also our daughter’s first boat ride, which she loved! She was completely amused by the waves and kept pointing in excitement. Seeing her joy also took my mind off the sea sickness that I was feeling so it was a win win.

Coming from a doggy family meant that of course we had a number of dogs along for the ride too. Not that we aren’t used to the chaos! So my husband suggested a walk that we could all do with the dogs on one of the islands. Our daughter really enjoys being in the rucksack carrier we have for her but we decided she would probably prefer to be in her buggy to get a good view of the dogs…

Well this “quick and not hilly walk” was the steepest and bumpiest walk we have ever done with our buggy!! Here I was pushing nearly 15kg up a huge hill! It was a constant battle between the wheels and roots/rocks, which made some parts feel never ending. My husband did take a couple of turns in fairness but I did about 90% as I’m pretty stubborn. I am woman, see me roar!


When we finally made it back to the older relatives that we had left behind in a cosy cafe, they confessed that they had been extremely worried. We had left them saying “see you in 45 minutes” and returned an hour and a half later!

I’m impressed that I was able to do it all with a smile on my face. I think it shows my exercise classes/running is really paying off! I’m feeling fitter and healthier all the time. It’s definitely not the walk I was expecting to be on today but on the bright side, I don’t feel guilty about missing my exercise class now! 

Wife and mother, x

At least I tired!

So as I have mentioned in previous posts, I am trying to get fit and get rid of my mummy tummy. I feel I have made a good start over the past month or so and I am already feeling like I have more stamina.

I began by running everyday or second day to begin with and once I began my exercise class I have reduced it to a few times a week. There is a fine balance to be had I feel as even though I am loving being back in the game, it also makes me very tired. Which would be fine if I didn’t have an almost 1 year old to run around for the rest of the day and then a sleepless night ahead of me. I also heard that too much exercise can reduce your milk production which I think I will look into as I love breastfeeding and don’t wish to stop anytime soon.

The exercise class I have joined is good fun. It is a class designed for mums getting back to exercise and the babies come along with us which is great. I think all the mums assumed it would be a bit of an easy class under the circumstances but boy were we all wrong! None of us could move the day after class and not because we are ridiculously unfit but because it was a proper hardcore workout (and okay we aren’t unfit but we aren’t quite “fit” either). I swear the babies find us hilarious to watch! We really must look silly to them; jumping around like crazy people! You also have to be creative if they do get a little fussy…its not everyday I shout peek-a-boo every time I am up on a push up but if it keeps my daughter happy while I work out, then why not?!

I do enjoy running but I really must be amusing to watch. As my husband works away it means that most of my runs are with buggy and dog along side. It isn’t the easiest but I make it work. Although today’s run was just not working out! Everything seemed to be against me.

Firstly there were children everywhere! It is the holidays and I think its fantastic they are out playing but they are like tiny obstacles and I am running with a wide load! So I spent a lot of time having to stop to pass them safely.

Then there were an abundance of people out with their dogs…on leads! Which I have no problem with however I have a dog that wants to go and say hi to every dog they see. It meant that I also had to keep stopping to put him on a lead so we could pass the dogs that were not up for playing.

Then lastly my dog decided that it was a day for smelling the flowers and not running along beside me. I eventually got fed up jogging on the spot, waiting for him to decide he wanted to move again and popped him on the lead until he remembered it was fun to run. Which in fairness didn’t take long and then he was happy to run along with me off the lead but it was frustrating non the less.

So I must admit I got to the point that I just didn’t want to run anymore. The fun was totally sucked out of it as I wasn’t able to get into any sort of a rhythm. At least I tried though and I did manage 3.5km which is better than nothing!

I have a day off tomorrow but then my exercise class the following day. I am already looking forward to it! Bring on the burn!

Wife and mother, x

Too hard on myself

Do you ever get to the end of the day and look back at everything you have accomplished and think…why am I so hard on myself?

Well tonight is one of those nights and while it is much better than the evenings where I am scolding myself for not getting enough done, I still feel a bit cross with myself. Cross because I wish I could see things clearer at the time rather than hours later. Although I am sure it is a gift many of us wish we had.

Time can bring clarity. I know being hard on myself is not the worst thing in the world or the hardest thing I have to face and yet in some ways it is. Fighting with yourself gets you no where and there is no winning.

I spent most of today feeling like I was underachieving. Underachieving at being a mother, a home maker and well just as a human in general. Why wasn’t the house tidier? Why couldn’t I find the time to finally sort through the box for the attic? Why am I so tired? The list goes on…

Yet here I am, having just settled my daughter after her evening feed and everything is calm. Once her toys were tidied away at the end of the day I remembered the mess was the fun we had been having together. I see the chores I have managed to do and know I will get to the rest in time. My heavy eyes remind me of our early start in the morning, all the play we have had and the run that I managed to achieve (with dog and buggy). Most importantly looking at my sleeping baby tells me that I have had a successful day. She is happy, loved and well looked after which is all any of us can ask for in life.

So actually I did well today and I should stop being so hard on myself. I did my best. I made it through the day.

Wife and mother, x

11 months old!

I can’t believe my little girl is 11 months old today! I can see her learning and developing all the time which is pretty amazing, it’s so wonderful to watch. She is happily standing anywhere and everywhere now so I think it’s only a matter of time before she starts to walk. It’s so adorable watching her stand, she seems far too tiny to be doing such a big girl thing!

Although along with my daughter turning 11 months is the reality that I am now 11 months postpartum which made me give myself a bit of a shake today. I haven’t been happy with my stomach since I gave birth and I feel enough is enough!

I actually only put on a tiny bit weight during my pregnancy as I was very sick, so I think I almost assumed that between breastfeeding and being on my feet all day then my little mummy pouch (which is where I gained) would take care of itself. Well it hasn’t…infact I think I put on weight with extra snacking! There’s that whole attitude when presented with a snack of “well I’m breastfeeding…” Argh, why do I do it to myself? I am by no means saying you shouldn’t eat snacks while breastfeeding though as it’s so important to fuel yourself but I feel I took it a little too far and suddenly it was just an excuse to eat. 

Well no more! If I’m not happy about my stomach then only one person can fix it and that’s me!

I have downloaded a running app and agreed to join an exercise class with my sister. I felt there was no time like the present so off I went for a run today with the buggy and dog. It was actually surprising easy! Running with the pram and dog that is. It was day one of running, so I couldn’t expect to be back to my prepregnancy fitness right away but I’m sure I’ll get there!
I guess it’s just very on my mind that I want to be feeling good about myself before I plan on getting pregnant again. I’d like to feel confident and attractive which I just don’t at the moment. I also want to be the healthiest that I can be so some physical exercise would definitely help with that. I know I should love myself regardless and I generally do which is probably why it has taken me until now to do something about it.

Hopefully I’ll start feeling healthier and notice a difference soon! 

Wife and mother, x