First pair of shoes!

I can’t believe we are already buying shoes for our little girl! I keep thinking back to a year ago, when she was so tiny and just lay in our arms contently. Now she is huge! Well, you know, one year old size! Huge by comparison to where she started hehe! She is just constantly on the go. I don’t know where this girl gets her energy from but I certainly wish I had some of it! 

While she is not walking independently yet, she does love walking around with either her walker or our helping hands. It has been on my mind lately to branch out and buy her first pair of shoes as while she still needs some assistance, I really don’t think it will be long until she does it alone. I also thought by having some shoes, it would give her the opportunity to try and walk around more. Up until now I would only let her have a cruise around inside the house but with shoes she would be able to do it anywhere which I’m hoping will help build her confidence. I think it’s also important to let her have the chance to experience toddling around a shop if she wants to; siting in a buggy must get old pretty fast when you are an active Monkey.

So today we did it! Daddy is just home from a trip away so we thought it would be a nice family thing to do upon his return. We ended up trying for shoes twice as the first store didn’t have any in her size, which was a really pain because our daughter screamed through the whole feet measuring process which filled me with dread at the idea of trying again! Thankfully the next shop we went into had a wonderful young assistant who made the measuring experience fun and distracted her as she did it. There was laughter and smiles which put me at ease too. There was also a fantastic selection of footwear to pick from! We picked some adorable little pink shoes with some pretty detailing on the front. They also have soft soles so aren’t as structured or heavy for crawling and a good first shoe to get used to the idea.

From the minute they went on her feet she was thrilled! We walked around the shoe shop, then around the coffee shop, then around a shoe shop for daddy (no mummy did not get shoes too, apparently I have too many?) and then walked through the car park to our car! She was having a ball and cried whenever she was lifted. 

I think it’s fair to say that she is thrilled with her first pair of shoes and once she realises she can walk without a hand, there will be no stopping her! I guess the next purchase should be some reins?!

Wife and mother, x

My mischief makers

Our house is full of mischief. We have two beautiful mischief makers that keep us on our toes; our daughter and our poodle.

The day is full of one or both of them getting up to as much nonsense as they possibly can. Now my daughter is crawling there is nothing that she can’t get her hands on. Which is both cute and terrifying, as she seems to like everything she shouldn’t. She has an adorable habit of proudly waving the thing she shouldn’t have managed to grab at you with a giant grin.

The playful atmosphere in our house starts as soon as my daughter opens her eyes in the morning. It is funny how she can go from asleep to “must play” in a mere matter of seconds. Right, what can I get my hands on?! To be honest the dog isn’t any different. I think it might be a poodle thing but he must have something in his mouth when he is excited; which is most of the time! He thankfully understands to leave her toys alone but now that she has found her new sense of independence, who are we to tell her to leave his toys alone? He has started to think this might benefit him though, perhaps meaning the beginning of a new game and has decided that if he is going to share anything with her, it’s going to be his ball! Unfortunately for him, she hasn’t realised that he wants her to throw it…yet.

If there is silence in the house and it isn’t nap time, then you know there is mischief afoot! A silent dog in particular spells trouble. My dog loves tissues and has been known on a rare and naughty occasion to jump on our bed (a huge no no) to grab tissues from our bedside table. Not even just one tissue; if it is a box of tissues he will happily pull them out one by one and tear them apart! I don’t know if it is witnessing this desire to shred tissues that has turned our daughter into a tissue fiend too but she can also sniff out a tissue (perhaps in an open handbag) and claim it as her own to tear. I feel we should be planting trees to help balance the damage made between the two of them!

Of course the mischief that they cause is always playful and although they can certainly create a mess, I wouldn’t swap my crazy little family for anything.

Wife and mother, x

My baby is on the move!

Probably like in most households with a young baby; the conversation of when our daughter might master crawling has come up more and more frequently over time. Watching our friends children who are already on the move and younger than our daughter has especially fueled this conversation as of late. Not that we felt it was a competition by any means. We have just felt this anticipation and excitement for the next stage.

Well today is the day! My beautiful baby crawled!

It took me a moment to realise that she was actually crawling this morning. She has been moving around for a couple of months now so I was used to seeing her try. Then all of a sudden I clocked that she really was crawling! I ran shouting to my husband to come quick and very typically of this day and age, grabbed my phone to record! To be able to capture and keep these precious moments are just wonderful!

I had brought out my laptop in anticipation for her nap as I find it is the best time to blog without interruption. She has become increasingly interested in it and the cable; in fact she loves most cables (oh dear). She just had to get her hands on the power pack and as I moved it out of reach she determinedly crawled forward! So I quickly unplugged it and moved it a little further, then further again and still she continued forward, still determined, with her little tongue sticking out. An unbelievably cute sight! She even did an almost excited little jump forward every now and then; obviously just as over the moon about moving as her mummy.

There is already no stopping her now that she has figured it out. It is incredible that once they have done it once then they can do it again so easily. By the time Daddy was in a position to come and see, she was off in any direction she chose and grabbing anything she wanted. I guess this is when the trouble begins!

I have a feeling that our dog is going to love this new stage too. They are already as thick as thieves so foresee a lot of mischief in our future. He loves to play with friends children who are on the move so I think he will enjoy having his very own playmate.

Children really are such a blessing. The amount of joy they bring you is just incredible. There is no other love or relationship like it. Watching my daughter find her stability on her hands and figure out how to get her little legs underneath her has just been amazing to watch. This steady development has been progressing over the last few months and I couldn’t be more thrilled that she has managed this milestone.

When I woke up there was a list of things to do as always but now the job which will be top of our list is making sure our lounge is completely baby proof before this little rascal gets into something she shouldn’t!

Wife and mother, x