Carriers, Slings and Wraps

There are a huge range of products out their for carrying your precious bundle around. Here are how we felt about a few that my husband and I have tired. If you have a carrier you love or have had a different experience then let us know in the comments below!


Carrier – Little Life Cross Country S3 Baby back carrier

This is my husbands toy, mostly because I am a shorty and don’t meet the required height to use it (feel free to laugh). Okay so perhaps I am *coughs* quite small but it does mean I can not use this carrier which is a bit of a bummer. I would also say that considering that I am, oh so close, to being the right height; I don’t know if I physically could manage it even if I was that tiny bit taller. So this is a mixture of my husbands and I’s pros and cons. This carrier can not be used until your baby is sitting up independently and must also be 6+ months. 

***** Easy to use baby carrier.

Likes :

  • Easy to use. It is easy to strap baby in and get on the move. There is a place to put your foot so that you can keep the carrier steady while putting your child in. Might take a couple of practices but once you have the hang of it, it is easy to pick up and wear (or so I am told).
  • Comfortable to wear. Again, so I am told. My husband thinks it is very comfortable and is happy do to long walks with her in it.
  • Light. The carrier itself isn’t heavy, which is good considering what is about to go into it! 
  • Storage space. There is a little area for some essentials, perhaps some much needed baby wipes or sun cream. There is a bottle holder and loops for attaching toys on to.
  • Sturdy. It feels and looks quite robust. 
  • Rain cover and sun shade. Considering it is for parents on the go and exploring I like the fact you can get a suitable rain cover and sun shade. The sun shade was included with ours but we paid extra for the rain cover. It has already seen its fair share of rain.
  • Great viability for child. Initially the child can only see out the sides but it is still a great view for them and then the bigger they get, the more they can see.
  • Design on cushion in front of child. There is a pillow in front of the child so they can rest their head and it has a cute design that is fun to look at too.

Dislikes :

  • Unsupported head while sleeping. While there is the little cushion in front of the child, we have found that because she is still little, that her head actually just flops over on itself rather than being supported by the cushion. Maybe you aren’t supposed to let your child sleep in it?
  • You can’t see the child. Not a huge problem but my husband does say that it is hard to check on her if they are using it alone. Might not be an issue if not for the above comment.


Wrap – Amawrap 

***** Fantastic wrap.

Likes  Loves :

  • Easy to use. Okay so maybe the first time or two are a little fiddly but there are user friendly tutorials on youtube and her facebook page. I can easily wrap this around me in a flash now. Beats unfolding the pram just to nip to a local shop! It is also easy to use alone which is a big thing. No need for extra hands to help!
  • Range of colours. There is a great selection of colours available to choose from.  This also means that it is very unisex. I have the charcoal one at the moment which my husband will happily use too but I am planning on buying a brighter colour now it is coming into summer. 
  • Comfy. The way this wrap works means that the weight of the child has good distribution across your body and doesn’t put pressure on your back or one shoulder. 
  • You can breastfeed on the go. I think it is great that you can feed baby while on the move. There are no tutorials on this yet but she has a few guidelines which come with the product. For example, she recommends that you have established feeding before you try.
  • Body contact. Baby is against your body, what could feel safer or more comforting for you both? Great for young babies who need that close contact.
  • Two hands! To be able to use both hands while still “holding” your baby is just fantastic, especially when they enter a clingy phase. Just remember they are there and keep hot things away etc. 
  • You can see baby and baby can see you. It is great for making sure your little one is safe and also means you get to enjoy the view together. It is great for interacting and helps with bonding.
  • Personal business. I love the fact that this product is made by a fellow mummy. It is designed for parents by a parent with babies in mind. She actively uses them which is great to see on her FB page. 


Dislikes : 

  • That I only have one! Enough said.



Sling – Hot Sling 

Next review, coming soon…





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