Workout in the rain!

So I tend to run late for most things although I actually (mostly) get where I’m going at the right time. I blame life as a parent as things always seem to take far longer than you expect! There is also always the possibility that there will be an unexpected, unplanned and last minute nappy change as we are just about to step out the door!

So my exercise class stared at 10am and it is roughly a 45 minute walk away. I planned to leave at 9am so I would have a comfortable walk to my class. It was my first time trying it but I thought it would warm me up and burn some extra calories…win win! Well that was the plan before I was actually living the morning and everything was taking ages! Nothing seemed to be going to plan despite being awake at 5.30am! My planned 9am leave turned into rushing out the house at 9.30am. Hmm 30mins to do a 45min walk…there was no way that it was going to work! So my casual stroll turned into a run to my exercise class. In the rain. With the buggy. Along the side of a main road. Like a mad lady! 

I made it though! Only 3mins late! I looked attractive…well, as attractive as a drowned rat! Although that was the least of my problems as I was now having to embark on an hours intense work out and I was pretty exhausted. I’m not going to lie. It was pretty tough going and I was pleased when we moved on to some easier things. Easier being anything that used my upper body and gave my little legs a rest!

My class was also outside, so at least everyone else quickly looked as wet as me and actually the rain kept us cool as we felt the burn! The only thing I did not care for was my incredibly soaked feet. By the time I got home (yes, I walked back, phew) my feet were pure white and shriveled. I was so thankful for a warm shower!

Oh well, it was definitely a good work out but I think I’ll still plan to leave earlier next time…

Wife and mother, x

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