Me time!

Me time…time just for me? Really? Yes, really! 

Today I have had such a treat as my sister is watching my daughter while I get my haircut and not only that but coloured too! I hardly ever get my haircut, in fact I’m pretty awful at finding the time to get it done. Basically because I have a young child that I am 100% responsible for 97% of the time. Although for the record, I’m not slating my husband by any means. He is amazing and helps a lot when he is home but generally speaking I am still responsible for our child as technically that’s my job and not in an anti feminist way. My husband works very hard to support us financially (his job) and I work very hard at managing things at home including our daughter (my job). Anyway I digress…

So getting even an hour to myself does not happen very often which I don’t mind as I’m very happy in my mummy bubble however that being said, I was looking forward to this little bit of time to myself today. Maybe it’s because I’ve been feeling very stressed lately (for a different post) or that my husband has already been away too many days for my liking but this little bit of time to sit and not do anything is bliss. 

I’m pleased it is finally here also because I tried this three weeks ago! I came rushing in apologising for being five minutes late (baby in tow) to be told that actually I was an hour late and had missed my appointment!! Mummy brain at its finest! Thankfully I’ve used the same hair dresser for over half a decade so she knew me well enough to know it was a mistake. Unfortunately she was off on holiday the next day so that was my alone time gone for weeks! Just like that.

As I sit here now, finally getting the time to do nothing but drink tea, look at a magazine and write a blog without interruption, it feels pretty good! 

Would I want to do it again tomorrow? Absolutely not! I crave my daughter and the time we spend together too much but once in a while, this me time isn’t so bad!

Wife and mother, x

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