Rookie mistake!

My daughter is not a good sleeper, in fact I don’t know how I function during the day sometimes after such little sleep. It’s probably no wonder that I can often be unable to string a decent sentence together or remember the name of that thing…you know…that thing!

Generally speaking she will not sleep for more that a couple of hours at a time but often it can be less than that. Two hours is a good base point though. It unfortunately doesn’t matter how little sleep she gets during the night, the chances of half an hour plus nap the next day are slim to none!

Anyway, you would think by now (she’s a year old) that I would have learned to respect the sleeping baby. Well…apparently not! 

I finally get her settled after quite the battle and then I made a bad decision. I had been feeling guilty about the pile of laundry in our room, sitting in the basket, waiting to be folded and put away. So feeling like a good little housewife I thought it best to do that before I had a cup of tea. Folding quietly, I thought, this is very nice and peaceful but then I had the crazy idea to put her clothes in her drawer! Madness, absolute complete madness!

She stirred as the drawer pulled out and I probably would have gotten away with it then, had I not panicked and quickly closed it again!! Oh the tears! I was stuck settling her for a good while again and decided it was maybe best to leave the rest until morning.

I really feel there is a lesson to learn in all of this…don’t do laundry! Okay, maybe I do need to do laundry at some point but perhaps next time I won’t do it while she is sleeping!

Wife and mother, x

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