I’d love to read before sleep

So I am often faced in the evening with those 10 or so minutes before I fall asleep. When I have just gotten into bed and I think…what should I do?

My heavy eyes and exhausted body say that I should get to sleep now, don’t delay! Especially since I know my daughter (not a good sleeper) will be awake soon. However the temptation is so strong to read or watch something. After a long day of being “mummy” and (happily) prioritising my families needs first. Those 10 minutes where I can choose something completely for myself without having to consider anything or anyone else is a lovely thought. 

I think the same process of thoughts go through my mind each night. I truly long to have the energy to do something. I have no idea when people find the time to read a book or watch a film?! I have hundreds of books that I would love to read and yet not only do I not have the energy to choose a book, I also know for a fact I would be asleep by the end of page 2. 

Films, while again there are many I would like to see, I fear would wake me up and have the opposite effect. I also worry about noise carrying through and waking my daughter.

Although to be honest, by the time I have decided how to spend this down time, I generally can’t keep my eyes open anymore but it’s still nice to have the opportunity to at least think of how I might spend the time!

Wife and mother, x

3 thoughts on “I’d love to read before sleep

  1. From the time I got pregnant with my fourth up until a few days ago, I would sleep as often as I could even though I WANTED to read or watch a movie. But I have started staying up later at night now because my daughter really misses spending time with me (she’s 16) and I miss it, too! So, we watched a movie over the course of two nights this weekend and I am really glad I chose to skip the early bedtime. That being said, I’m not planning to stay up every night! Sleep is a good thing!!!

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    • It’s nice that you are getting that time with your daughter in the evenings. I’m sure she appreciates that time with you! I am trying to find a balance just now. I’m going to bed nice and early while my husband works away (generally two/three weeks) and then staying up a little later when he is home but without going too crazy! We’ll see how it goes…

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