What’s a holiday without a hill to climb?!

The weather wasn’t as nice as we had hoped today, not that it dampened our spirits! Off the whole family went, children, parents, grandparents and great grandparents, on an island hopping adventure.

We had great fun exploring little shops with local crafts and seeing the landscape change from place to place. It was also our daughter’s first boat ride, which she loved! She was completely amused by the waves and kept pointing in excitement. Seeing her joy also took my mind off the sea sickness that I was feeling so it was a win win.

Coming from a doggy family meant that of course we had a number of dogs along for the ride too. Not that we aren’t used to the chaos! So my husband suggested a walk that we could all do with the dogs on one of the islands. Our daughter really enjoys being in the rucksack carrier we have for her but we decided she would probably prefer to be in her buggy to get a good view of the dogs…

Well this “quick and not hilly walk” was the steepest and bumpiest walk we have ever done with our buggy!! Here I was pushing nearly 15kg up a huge hill! It was a constant battle between the wheels and roots/rocks, which made some parts feel never ending. My husband did take a couple of turns in fairness but I did about 90% as I’m pretty stubborn. I am woman, see me roar!


When we finally made it back to the older relatives that we had left behind in a cosy cafe, they confessed that they had been extremely worried. We had left them saying “see you in 45 minutes” and returned an hour and a half later!

I’m impressed that I was able to do it all with a smile on my face. I think it shows my exercise classes/running is really paying off! I’m feeling fitter and healthier all the time. It’s definitely not the walk I was expecting to be on today but on the bright side, I don’t feel guilty about missing my exercise class now! 

Wife and mother, x

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