We have arrived!

I woke up this morning knowing what the vet was most likely going to say. I was ready to phone them when they opened however they beat me to it. It was exactly what we had suspected, our rabbit had passed away during the night. It was very sad to hear but we are pleased he isn’t awake and suffering.

We then repacked the car and set off for my in-laws as we had planned to do yesterday. The drive was long, maybe about 4 hours or so, with a child that doesn’t like to travel. If you even have a 15 minute drive with a crying child it seems like forever, let alone almost 5! I also get travel sick, so between the two of us, we were desperate to get out the car! 

We stopped along the way for breaks, one of which to give our daughter lunch. Well I was disinfecting the table (after reading some shocking statistics) when I got the biggest splinter you have ever seen! I was cleaning quickly and in it shot. 

I instantly grabbed my finger and knew I must get to my husband who was at our car. My family (who we were traveling with) asked to see but I just kept repeating, “I must get to my husband”. Out I ran, leaving my child with her grandparents, headed for the car park. I ran into him along the way and shouted, “Leatherman, do you have your Leatherman!” It took him a moment to react when I showed him my finger but then we agreed to pull quickly and a second later there was relief! It’s honestly the largest splinter that my husband and I have ever seen. It was about 2cm long and 2mm wide, embedded into the tip of finger nail. It was horrible! I am so pleased it is behind me, even if I do still have a very sore finger!

Anyway after that ordeal we made the remainder of our journey and have arrived! It is wonderful to be all together and know we can just enjoy the time we have. We are planning a proper day trip tomorrow with 4 generations worth of family! Pretty amazing!

This break is exactly what I was needing, I feel better already!

Wife and mother, X

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