Not the day we expected…

We began this morning with an early start, not that it is unusual for us to be up at 6am but today we had a plan. We knew what needed to be done and the timescale that we had set ourselves. Well plans mean nothing when you have animals!

Our ultimate goal was to reach my in-laws for a little visit/mini break. Something we have been looking forward to as its going to be a big family affair and we are all about the family!

So we started the day rushing around packing which for two adults, a baby and a dog, takes some time. Time which we didn’t really have as I had a fitness class to get to before we hit the road. Amazingly we managed to get all the packing done in time and I went off to do my hours fitness class. Which was a good class, just as an aside! The only thing we had left to do for us to be free to leave was clean out our rabbit house.

Well home we rushed from my fitness class to quickly clean out the rabbit and make tracks…to find my poor boy unresponsive. I immediately called the vets and rushed him along. Well that was this morning and I am now sitting in bed not knowing how he is. They weren’t sure what the matter was, so they have tried a few things but unfortunately I got a call saying they aren’t sure he will make it through the night.

It might sound silly but even though I left him there in a bad condition, I was still not prepared to hear the vet say he may not get better. Thankfully I have a wonderful veterinary surgery and not only do I fully trust them to do all they can but I also know they will be comforting to him. 

They very kindly let me pop in before they closed so I could give him a cuddle. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see him incase he didn’t make the night. At least now I know I gave him a cuddle, he knew I was there and that was loved. I fear tomorrow may be a sad day.

As you can imagine, our trip has been postponed until we hear tomorrow morning how he is. I truly hope that he is better but I am also aware it may not be good news. 

So it’s not the day we had expected by any means but our little man needed us and he is one important rabbit to us!

Wife and mother, X

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