Cuddles during the storm…

We had an incredible thunderstorm last night! The lightening illuminated our room and hallway, followed quickly by the roaring thunder. If anything can make you feel tiny and in awe, it is the sound of the sky cracking above you!

I actually enjoyed lying listening to the thunder and counting the gap between flashes. The torrential rain that joins a thunderstorm is the most amazing sight and sound. If it hadn’t been in the middle of the night, I would have been tempted to step out in it, just to feel it. 

My daughter woke when the thunder was quite far away. I remember it taking a good few grumbles before I decided that it was definitely thunder. Well that was her awake for a good spell which I didn’t mind as I couldn’t sleep either the closer it got. What amazed me was when the thunder reached overhead and the light along with the noise was commanding my full attention…she fell asleep! Fair enough she jumped a little every time it roared but asleep she stayed. I however, was unable to sleep for a long time, just listening it all but it made me remember why I love co-sleeping/bed sharing so much.

My daughter does begin her sleep in her own cot, in her own room now every night. Although usually by morning she is at least in her travel cot which we keep in our room but more often than not, sharing our bed again. Something that causes an all too familiar look of disapproval from quite a few of our older relatives. I personally have no issue with snuggling up together. We sleep well together and she can happily latch on as we both sleep for her night time feed.

Last night I soaked up just how precious and comforting it is. Here she was lying next to me during a thunderstorm that kept me, most of my friends and neighbors awake; yet she was calm and peaceful. She had a feed, cuddled into me and there she stayed throughout it all. The reassurance of closeness made her feel safe and able to rest which was wonderful.

I know there is a lot of split opinion on bed sharing due to the safety aspect of SIDs, so it’s definitely something each family has to decide upon for themselves. This blog is by no means a recommendation to co-sleep/bed share. I’m just simply sharing how it has and does work for my family. We should all make the choices we are prepared to on the facts that are available to us.

I saw a picture recently that said “100% of humans eventually sleep by themselves” which reminded me not to worry about when she manages a whole night alone, it will happen at some point and until then, I will enjoy our time together.

How do you feel about co-sleeping or bed sharing? Is it something that you do?

Wife and mother, x

2 thoughts on “Cuddles during the storm…

  1. I like that 100% quote! Reminds me of the saying my mom used to say…”S/he won’t walk down the aisle to get married wearing a diaper.” Lol
    We cosleep and I love it but only when they’re babies and toddlers. After that, I find it hard to be comfy simply for lack of space.

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    • I like your mums saying too! It’s so easy to get caught up in the worries of the moment but we all get there in the end.
      Yes spacing does get harder the older they get! My aim is to have her in her own room (properly) by the end of the year. We’ll see how it goes…


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