At least I tired!

So as I have mentioned in previous posts, I am trying to get fit and get rid of my mummy tummy. I feel I have made a good start over the past month or so and I am already feeling like I have more stamina.

I began by running everyday or second day to begin with and once I began my exercise class I have reduced it to a few times a week. There is a fine balance to be had I feel as even though I am loving being back in the game, it also makes me very tired. Which would be fine if I didn’t have an almost 1 year old to run around for the rest of the day and then a sleepless night ahead of me. I also heard that too much exercise can reduce your milk production which I think I will look into as I love breastfeeding and don’t wish to stop anytime soon.

The exercise class I have joined is good fun. It is a class designed for mums getting back to exercise and the babies come along with us which is great. I think all the mums assumed it would be a bit of an easy class under the circumstances but boy were we all wrong! None of us could move the day after class and not because we are ridiculously unfit but because it was a proper hardcore workout (and okay we aren’t unfit but we aren’t quite “fit” either). I swear the babies find us hilarious to watch! We really must look silly to them; jumping around like crazy people! You also have to be creative if they do get a little fussy…its not everyday I shout peek-a-boo every time I am up on a push up but if it keeps my daughter happy while I work out, then why not?!

I do enjoy running but I really must be amusing to watch. As my husband works away it means that most of my runs are with buggy and dog along side. It isn’t the easiest but I make it work. Although today’s run was just not working out! Everything seemed to be against me.

Firstly there were children everywhere! It is the holidays and I think its fantastic they are out playing but they are like tiny obstacles and I am running with a wide load! So I spent a lot of time having to stop to pass them safely.

Then there were an abundance of people out with their dogs…on leads! Which I have no problem with however I have a dog that wants to go and say hi to every dog they see. It meant that I also had to keep stopping to put him on a lead so we could pass the dogs that were not up for playing.

Then lastly my dog decided that it was a day for smelling the flowers and not running along beside me. I eventually got fed up jogging on the spot, waiting for him to decide he wanted to move again and popped him on the lead until he remembered it was fun to run. Which in fairness didn’t take long and then he was happy to run along with me off the lead but it was frustrating non the less.

So I must admit I got to the point that I just didn’t want to run anymore. The fun was totally sucked out of it as I wasn’t able to get into any sort of a rhythm. At least I tried though and I did manage 3.5km which is better than nothing!

I have a day off tomorrow but then my exercise class the following day. I am already looking forward to it! Bring on the burn!

Wife and mother, x

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