D.I.Y – Wedding horseshoe

We had a wedding last week which was for a very dear friend. I was a bridesmaid (or bridesmatron?) and my little girl was the flower girl. As it is custom for children to give the bride a horseshoe at the wedding, I decided to make my own for my daughter to give. It was a fun little project so I thought I would share it with you all…

I have family with horses so they were able to obtain a couple of horseshoes for me but I am sure my local riding school would have helped me if not. The only thing I would note is that where possible try and get a shoe with the nails removed…I had to hammer them out myself! It wasn’t easy as they curve back on themselves!

  • Step 1 : I firstly soaked the horseshoes in some generic cola (wasn’t going to pay full price for a craft project) as they were pretty rusty. I used an empty chocolate container…which was a good excuse to eat them!


  • Step 2 : I used a combination of screwed up tin foil and a metal brush to remove the rust (and dirt) that had not soaked off in the cola.  I am not sure how well the cola worked but I am pretty sure it did something and if nothing else it helped soften the rust for scraping.


  • Step 3 : This is where I hammered out the left over nails but as I mentioned earlier I would not recommend doing it. I wish I had got a nail free horseshoe! I then painted them with some silver metal paint which I purchased from a D.I.Y store. The paint dried much quicker than I was expecting and I think it worked a treat.


  • Step 4 : Lastly I added some wired fabric flowers and pearls that I bought from a local craft shop. I simply wired them together in a rough shape I wanted and then attached them onto the horseshoe by feeding and wrapping the wire through the nail holes. I finished it off with some pink ribbon which again I just fed through the holes and tied.


Well there it is…not the most complicated thing to do but I really enjoyed the process. I loved being able to personalise it and I was able to pick flowers to match the colour scheme of the wedding!

A little fun if nothing else!

Wife and mother, x

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