Baby at a funeral

Well we had a sudden death in our family last week and today we met to say goodbye at the funeral. Having an almost one year old, I was torn on what to do with her. I am very pleased I took her along as actually it all went very smoothly. Like most, when I am unsure of what to do, I turned to good faithful Google. I wanted to know what others had done in this same situation. 

I was at first sidetracked by the amount of results which were about babies funerals rather than babies at a funeral. It make me incredibly sad to think of families suffering that kind of loss and unbelievably grateful for my beautiful little girl. It also made me thankful for all the time we got with my deceased elderly relative. It’s funny how death makes you thankful for life.

I then came across articles from a few physiologists points of view about the effects that occur when a child attends a funeral. Although in favour of attending, I didn’t really feel it was relevant considering the age of my daughter. I don’t think she would be confused by death from this one event at such a young age. 

After this I found a thread of conversation between mums about their experiences (bingo) and it was exactly what I needed to hear! While perhaps some told stories of having to take a step outside for some unsettled behavior, I have to say the feedback was positive with reports of lightened mood and an oblivious baby made me feel reassured in my decision to take her.

Well what a little ray of sunshine she is?! She was wonderful and sure enough, the perfect little mood brighter! She amazingly slept throughout the service and gladly put a smile on everyone’s faces afterwards.

It was a long day but she did incredibly well and I was very proud of her. So while the passing of a family member is never easy, I was thankful for my little girl that helped lighten the atmosphere and reminded us all that life is so very precious. A precious gift.

Wife and mother, x

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