Baby lead weaning

So we began our weaning journey with the intention to do spoon feeding rather than baby lead as per the advice given to us via our health visitor and it went really well from the get go. Our daughter loved food and would eat anything and everything! In fact I was thrilled at just how well it was going. I was actually a little concerned that we were over feeding her as she just would eat and eat! However we have hit a road bump and now the second the spoon is in sight, her mouth clamps shut. No entry. Keep moving, try again next time!

It has been very upsetting to me as her eating was so easy before and then it developed into a battle three times a day, every day. I am so thankful that I am still breastfeeding (as I so often am) as I would be more worried if she wasn’t since her food intake is lower than I would like.

Which brings us to now. I know that some children can get fed up being spoon fed and want to control their food intake themselves; so with that in mind we have switched to baby lead weaning. We always gave her some little bits of finger food but now we are relying heavily on food she can use her hands to eat and then have a bowl of food that we can offer a spoon of if she looks like she wants it.

She is definitely enjoying the independence that the baby lead weaning brings which is great although I feel more food ends up in her hair, clothes and on the floor, than in her mouth! I’m sure we will get there though! I am enjoying trying new recipes like the courgette and egg fritters that were on our lunch menu today. Things that just weren’t on my radar before and are delicious. I am also loving to watch her facial expressions as she feels different textures, not only in her mouth but also in her hands. Meal time has become a great sensory activity which I love!

Although I must admit, I am more concerned about choking now than I ever have been which I’m sure is only natural. Although I am also incredibly impressed by just what she can manage to eat. Especially since she only has two teeth! I am looking forward to when she has some more as I am hoping it will help her to eat more easily. Although between breast milk, the food she is managing to eat herself and the spoonfuls she is accepting, I’m sure she isn’t going to waste away any time soon! 

So while, quite frankly, the last few weeks have been a big of a nightmare, I am almost thankful for our set back because without which we would not be on this new path of discovery. One which has already been so fun and enjoyable. I truly hope that meals get easier but in the mean time, I’m happy that she is enjoying her little bit of independence.

Wife and mother, x

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