1st birthday planning!

So our daughters 1st birthday is less than a month away now and I have no idea where to start! I know that whatever we do it will be small as I don’t think we need to go overboard however it is my daughters 1st birthday and surely it should be marked properly? Here’s what I’m thinking so far…

I think it would be nice to take her somewhere she would enjoy. Perhaps to a soft play area where she can let off steam or even a sealife centre where she can watch all the fish… 

I’d like to make her a birthday cake and I would it love if she could have some too; although I don’t want her eating sugar (refined) so I think I’ll try out one of my beetroot or carrot sugar free cakes with a cream cheese frosting. I’m not sure how I could make it look exciting though…

Guests are a little tricky as where do you draw the line? Should it just be my husband, daughter and me? Or should I let any of the wider family tag along if they want to? 

The only think I’m sure of is that we are buying her a ball pool for her birthday! She absolutely loves playing with balls around the living room so we think she will be thrilled to play in amongst a mass of them. I actually can’t wait so see her excitement!

If anyone has any suggestions for what we could do or could tell me what they did for their child’s 1st birthday I would appreciate it! I really want it to be a great day for her as even if she won’t remember it years later; I’d still love for her to enjoy it while it’s here!

Wife and mother, x

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