Mummy speed eating!

My husband and I normally eat our dinner at the same time as our daughter even though it is insanely early for my husband’s liking. It’s something we try to stick to so that she understands meal time is family time and gets the chance to watch us eat and enjoy food.

Well tonight was a rare treat where we decided that since hubby was going to cook a lovely meal for us, we would eat separately once our daughter was asleep. 

The problem is, I have become the quickest eater around! Shove a bow on me and show me at a carnival because I’m the little woman who can devour entire meals in minutes. I’d like to call it a skill but really it’s just uncomfortable! Rushing food just leaves me feeling bloated and yet…I can’t stop!

There is this rush everytime I eat. I find it difficult to slow down and believe me, I try! I think speed eating is something a lot of mothers develop as there isn’t always time to eat (certainly not slowly). Maybe you are trying to eat fast to help them with their dinner or maybe because you are grabbing something while they nap and it could literally have seconds before its over.

Whatever the reason, it’s there, this need for speed! I felt very aware of it tonight when we had our meal alone. Maybe I just don’t notice the speed when she is around as its necessary but I think I’ll need to work on relaxed eating from now on!

Wife and mother, x

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