In need of sleep…

Tonight is one of those nights! The kind of night I just want to just go to bed and start afresh tomorrow…except I can’t. My baby won’t settle and my dog is being naughty. So I guess I’ll just write about it instead! 

The amount of sleep we have been getting recently has been ridiculously low and I am exhausted. Sunday’s are always a long day for us so I have been longing for my bed for hours already and I am literally fighting to keep my eyes open.

My daughter isn’t a good sleeper and never has been but the one part that has actually been quite good as of late, is the speed in which she will settle in the evening. I could settle her and be downstairs with my husband within half an hour. However for some reason that has gone right out the window; which brings me to tonight. 

Well over an hour of struggling with her, I finally managed to get her to sleep. She wouldn’t drink after a certain point, wouldn’t accept a cuddle and certainly wouldn’t give in to sleep alone. Without attempting the “cry it out” method (which is the only thing we haven’t tried and would rather not) there wasn’t much else I could do but just continue to go round in circles, trying each method until she finally gave in. Which she did…eventually!

I then go downstairs to find my angel of a dog had decided to have a crazy streak and raided the bin! Something he has never done before! Sheer disappointment is the only word I can use to describe how I feel. We have always trusted him so seeing this makes me very sad.

So once I clean up the mess my naughty boy made, I think a cuppa would be the answer to my mood. Well of course, that’s not how it goes! I hear my baby sobbing in her bed!

I pause listening to see if she will drop back off but alas no. 

So up I go again to hope she falls asleep quickly as bed is calling me! I’m not sure what’s making my little girl struggle to settle, perhaps it’s just a phase but I hope it passes soon. At least when it comes to sleep, I know it won’t last forever. I’m sure I’ll be complaining that she sleeps too much when she becomes a teenager! 

Wife and mother, X

4 thoughts on “In need of sleep…

  1. I feel for you! I definitely find the nights my baby won’t go to sleep quickly the most frustrating. Do you have a bedtime routine? We modify ours a little depending on how tired he seems in the evening but I think it has helped a lot for us. For example if he’s tired we take him to his room, change his diaper, put on his pjs, give him 4 ounces of milk in the darkened room, then he gets put in bed and we start his mobile if he’s still awake. If he seems super awake at bed time we let him play on his activity mat for a little bit after putting on his pjs and before his milk.


    • Yes, it’s definitely frustrating the longer you are trying! We do have a bedtime routine, usually following a pattern of bath, story, milk… although if she is more awake we maybe add in some play or another story. It was working for a while but now she seems to be struggling again. Interesting that you mention the mobile as I have one but haven’t put it up yet. Might see if that helps!


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