Glass half full!

So I am a glass half full kind of woman!

I try to make the best of any situation as I feel life is too short to be unhappy. It is something that I truly hope that I pass on to my daughter.

I have been filling in a book that I bought recently, where it asks you questions about your childhood, wisdom you would like to share and moments you are enjoying with your child. I hope that this is something that my daughter will come to cherish as she grows up.

Thinking long and hard about my past and all the things that I wish for my daughter has been a lovely way to spend my evenings as of late. Reminiscing on times spent with family and friends that hadn’t crossed my mind in years. Composing letters of wishes to my daughter that will hopefully be of comfort to her over time and documenting precious milestones of her life.

It has been looking both backwards and forward that I have come to the conclusion that I put a positive spin on everything. That is not to say that life isn’t hard (as boy can it be) and I have had many a speed bump or mountain in my way but I have always tried to see the best in the situation that is in front of me.

For instance, I have had some problems with my health which meant I was unable to continue with the full time training I was doing at the time. While this was completely devastating and it was quite a dark period of my life, I have always tried to see a bigger picture.

Am I still disappointed that I didn’t get to fulfill my passion? Absolutely but I am doing incredibly well these days and who knows what the future holds!

I had not long met my husband (then boyfriend) and it meant that not only did we have endless time (on my end and his when onshore) together to get to know one another but I also had the opportunity to see just how caring he is. He could have ran right out the door but he didn’t. He put up with me and my drama and for that I’ll always be grateful.

While it was a major dip physically and mentally, I now feel like I am doing better than ever despite not being fully recovered. It has allowed me to grow as a person and learn how to look after myself properly.

I feel like I’m a completely different person from where I started and in a lot if ways I am thankful for that big mountain that I had to clamber over because I think it made for a strong relationship with my husband and a healthier relationship with myself.

To be honest, I’m a glass more than half full kinda gal!

Wife and mother, x


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