Hen weekend – Breastfeeding style!

What a weekend; I am exhausted!!!

So there are many things I have had to sacrifice while breastfeeding; particularly since my baby will not accept a bottle. Normal things such as alcohol, to the amount of time I can be separated from my baby.

Well I have happily “missed out” on drinking alcohol, spa days with the girls, nights away and evenings out however not only was this the hen do of an extremely close friend, I was also helping organise and host it! So instead of missing out, I took my baby along for the ride!

Okay so maybe I didn’t take her to the actual hen do as that would be wildly inappropriate but my husband and baby tagged along to another city with me and held up in an apartment less than a ten minute walk from the henquarters.

I have literally spent the last two and half days running between two flats and my wonderful husband has met us at various activity venues around the city so I could feed our daughter. Telling my yo-yoing story has made so many people laugh. It is totally crazy; I admit it! However I wouldn’t go to any such lengths for anyone else. It meant the world to me that I was able to be there to help her celebrate her forthcoming wedding.

Everyone had a great weekend and I feel I got the best of both worlds. I got to feel young and fun with my girl friends yet come back to my beautiful family and snuggle down with them in the evenings. My daughter never missed a feed, got her mummy all night and had quality daddy daughter time during the day which my husband loved too.

So while I am incredibly exhausted, I had a fabulous hen weekend away with my friends, husband and baby!

Wife and mother, x







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