Battle of the brush!

So every night we have pretty much the same routine for getting ready for bed. One that has been really fun and enjoyable. Dinner, bath, story, cuddles, milk and bed…ahh! Unfortunately when our daughter was ill recently and we ended up in hospital, they had to look into her mouth which happened by force. It was difficult watching her so upset, even though it was the only way however now we have been left with a fall out.

She will not let me brush her teeth!

Before the trip to the hospital she would actually hold the brush with me so we could clean her teeth together. It was great that she was so happy for us to work together as a team. It made the wind down for bed pleasant and I was so proud that she was helping me.

Now, much to my dismay, she clamps her mouth shut the minute the brush comes near. I can’t even put into words how sad I feel. To go from brushing her teeth being a lovely and calm experience to this is (for lack of better words) soul destroying!

I know that I must be patient but it is hard. It has just been one of those weeks where I feel like everything is a battle. Nothing is easy. There must be a fight put up at every turning and it is mentally exhausting.

I’m sure it will get easier in time and I must be thankful that I can already see some improvement. When we first returned home from the hospital she would cry hysterically and shake her head as well as clamping her mouth shut so I should be (and am) thankful that has at least passed.

I am very thankful that she only has one tooth just now while we go through this battle. I don’t give up until it is brushed but I refuse to make her cry as I feel it will put us backwards. It means I must try everything to make her open her mouth just long enough for me to get the brush in. We can be there a while!

I guess we will just need to take it one day at a time and slowly we will get back to where we were but until then I must remember that it wont be forever and to be glad with every tiny step forward we make.

Wife and mother, x


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