Feeling pampered.

Now while going to the hairdresser might not cut it as a treat for all (pun intended), I must admit the hour that I had to myself today was pure bliss.

How wonderful was it for someone to make me a drink, bring me a snack, wash my hair and cut it for me; all the while I got to sit and relax. A rare treat for me as a stay at home mum with a husband who works away. I don’t really get “me” time which on the whole doesn’t bother me however I have been craving just a little hour to myself so I was thrilled when my phone calendar buzzed, reminding me of my appointment today.

My husband is home at the moment so I knew that I could happily leave my daughter with him without feeling too guilty and just enjoy a small bit of pampering. A chance to be just myself and not mummy for an hour; not that the conversation strayed away from my wee baba during the whole appointment…baby steps!

Between the calm and quiet environment, I could have fallen asleep in the chair and not just from the sheer exhaustion I have been feeling as of late! The little break from having to have eyes in the back of my head was great. I was able to enjoy adult conversation and I even got my tea hot, not tepid! It truly is the little things in life that make me happy.

A new hair style freshened up my hair and face too. It lifted my spirits, making me feel a bit more like a functioning human and less of the mess I normally am. It meant that once I had my hour to myself, I was ready to return to my family feeling lighter and happier.

So while a trip to the hair dresser might not seem like the most exciting thing to the average person; to a mummy who needed a pick me up, it was fabulous and exactly what I needed!

Wife and mother, x



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