Filling me with awe!

I think all children are wonderful; I enjoy being a part of the lives of my friends and families kids. I am known by most as “auntie” which is such a lovely compliment to the relationships we all share. I am classed as their family and I certainly class them as mine.

With all these fantastic children around me, I have been no stranger to all the amazing things that kids get up to. The many milestones they reach, the funny faces they pull, the newly learned dance routines they want to show and the many silly games we must play.

So when I got pregnant I knew that I had exciting times ahead and I could not wait to experience them with my own child! I was also aware that if I already loved these special moments with my favorite little ones, then it was only going to be more amazing with my own.

Well I wasn’t wrong but boy did I underestimate just how incredible it would be!

I can not get enough of my beautiful baby and all the marvelous things she does! I can’t get enough of her wonderfully ecstatic giggle; I live for that laugh! I watch the developments that she makes at an incredible rate and I am left in awe. Her personality shines through more and more all the time which makes me excited about the person she will grow into. I look forward to all the mischief that we will get up to together as a family; building special moments and memories to treasure forever.

She is the most amazing blessing and I have the most overwhelming love for her. I truly look forward to when our family grows more and when that time comes I know that my heart will soak up the next wonderful addition but for now I am enjoying just how content my heart feels. Enjoying my bundle of joy that takes my breath away each and every moment of the day.

Wife and mother, x



Daily prompt : Awe

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