Natural mother?

The term natural mother is one that it wonderfully complimentary but at the same time I worry that it is yet another way to make mothers who don’t fall under this category to feel less than adequate.

Women are so eager to be the “perfect” mother but is there really such a thing? Are we not all just doing our best?

It is easy to look at the celebrities out there that seem to have it all or the friend who always has the tidiest home while juggling the kids or even the family member that has the answer for every problem you can’t fix but I wonder how pieced together their lives really are behind close doors?

I have been given compliments since having my daughter about how I look after her and manage the other things that need doing but I must stress this very clearly…I am only holding it together!

It is so easy when you see a snippet of someones live to assume that it is that level of perfection all the time. Well let me tell you, my house looks more lived in than show home. My hair is more often a mess than straight. The ironing pile is definitely more full than empty… why? Because I am human.

Whether my house is ready for a visit from royalty or not, it is a clean and safe environment for my child to go crazy in. If I look a mess then it does not effect my parenting skills nor make me any less of the person I am. My looks do not define me. So what if there is laundry to be done or clothes to be ironed! Don’t you wear clothes too?

I wish we would cut ourselves and each other a bit of slack. Forget trying to be this natural perfect mother stereotype and do what works for your family. Enjoy the time you have instead of worrying what others might think for time is fleeting.

I feel the pressure we all do to be perfect. To be the best wife and mother I can be. I am trying to ignore the pressure I feel now… why? Because as I said, I am human.

Wife and mother, x



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