Unexpected trip to hospital!

Well let me begin by saying that I am very tired and I am sorry if my thoughts don’t seem to flow.

There are many scary moments as a parent and I know that there are so many to come which seems rather frightening to be honest. People say that once you become a parent you never stop worrying and I feel those words could not be more true as I sit here carefully watching my child sleep.

After thinking we were out of the woods with my daughters sickness bug we unfortunately ended up rushing to hospital when things took a turn for the worst and her temperature went crazy! She had a febrile convulsion which while might be very common and generally alright; was incredibly panicking to watch. My poor baby girl having a seizure just made me feel so very helpless and I don’t think I stopped shaking until we were under the care of the hospital.

Thankfully she is fine and there are no long lasting effects but boy was it scary at the time. It was of course late when it happened (as these things always seem to be) so by the time they had observed her for the appropriate hours post seizure it meant we weren’t arriving back home until morning. As we were drawing back into our drive, the houses around us were just starting to come alive with people wakening up in preparation for the day. Which just seemed to remind us how exhausted we were, knowing that even though we had been up all night, the new day had began regardless of whether we were ready for it or not.

There has been a fear in the air of it happening again. It has now been two days since it happened and we are still battling the fever. I hope that it breaks soon so that this cloud can be lifted. She only wants to be in my arms or next to us which we have no problem with as we want to keep a close eye on her.

I will happily hold her as long as she needs, sleep without covers so she can lie next to me and let her drink as much of my milk as she wants. She is my precious little girl and its my job to be there for her.

Wife and mother, x

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