What have we forgotten now?!

Well today has been one of those days!

My husband and I needed to run an errand for my father in law which included a bit of a drive. Thankfully our daughter seems much better so this was a good first trip out for her. However between her sickness bug and our constant battle with sleep we have generally been functioning at less than half capacity. Today was a good example of how it is effecting us. We left the house three times for the same journey!

The first time we left our house we made it to the end of our road… “I didn’t lock my bike.” My husband tuts. Easy mistake. So we decided it is best to turn around for peace of mind. Okay, so bike is locked away safely and we set off again.

The second attempt got us a little further along the main road… “The car isn’t locked!” My husband sighs. Really? We both considered this one for a minute or two but decided we really should go back…frustrating but there we go. Bike safe, car now locked and here we go again!

The third attempt took us a lot further.”Did I turn off the cooker?” I gasp! Seriously?! No, of course it’s off. I am amazing at checking such things, I tell myself as my husband joins the motorway because he has decided this time we aren’t turning around. “It will be off, there is no way you would leave it on.” He tells me.

“Oh no!!!” He exclaims! Which quickly makes me panic because he wont tell me what he is panicking about! “The dog!”

Yes that’s right, we are now those hard shells that used to contain humans. In the three years we have had our dog. Not once have we forgotten him. Not even for a second! Well they say there is a first for everything and today was that day. It also annoyingly took us 20 minutes to get home because we were stuck on the motorway until we could turn around! Of course our dog was safe in our garden and we live in a very quiet neighborhood but boy did we feel bad as we arrived back at the house for the third time. He was sitting at our back door looking a little miffed but thankfully forgave us quickly!

I can’t believe that not only did we forget to put him in the car but we also went back to the house twice and didn’t realise. I truly hope that our sleep improves before we loose our marbles completely!

Wife and mother, x



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