Mountains I can’t move…

I could use my daughters current bout of sickness as an excuse to the mass amounts of jobs that still need done as I sit down exhausted tonight but that would just be lying! I truly hope I am not the only one out there that reaches the end of the day and thinks, did I get anywhere? Did I accomplish anything?

I find most days with a young child is just managing to keep your head above water! All the main chores that get done on a daily basis just keep the house in running order but what about the extra stuff? When will I have the time to finally paint the spare room or plant some new flowers in the garden?

I look around at the mountains that I can’t move. The ones sitting in my house, the ones surrounding it and the many in my head.

As I sit and worry about where to find the time, I try to remember the many mountains I have moved. My list of jobs may seem never ending but eventually I will shift them. One at a time. Slowly and surely.

I look at my child and know, if the reason I take longer to achieve my goals is because of the time I spend with her; then I am the luckiest underachiever around!

Wife and Mother, x


The very fitting daily prompt: Mountains

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