I’m so sorry!

I have had far too much sun today and I am unfortunately feeling the effects now with heat stroke – silly me! When I saw the daily prompt as I was perusing the blogs I follow; I couldn’t help but laugh at the word “embarrassing” after an event today!

Having a dog is wonderful and very rewarding. The companionship they share with you is something rather special and they will happily return all the love you give them. Not to mention they happen to be ridiculously adorable! Which is probably why we over look all the expensive vet bills, the odd naughty trick (or two) and forgive them the embarrassment they bring to us!

As the weather is so deliciously hot we spent the whole day doing activities outside (hence why I am suffering now) with some cousins who we don’t get to see as often as we would like. There were three big dogs and two children in buggies between three of us. So to say you could see us coming, on a quiet Wednesday in a quaint town, would be an understatement.

There was such a beautiful spot by the river where the dogs could play in the water, we could relax on a picnic bench and there was a play park for the kids. Such a blissful little area for us to spend our day together. Soaking up both the sun and the company.

The only problem was that there were a whole bunch of other people who had the same idea. Mostly older couples and a few other families.

Well three dogs, water and a stick was bound to spell trouble in hindsight! The dogs were madly swimming and playing with a stick when disaster struck! The stick must have sunk because suddenly the dogs were no longer happily swimming in the river. They were now hurtling towards us (and all the other lovely people) soaking wet and determined to reach us to beg for a new game. The panic must have crossed us all at the same time as we all jumped forwards shouting, “NO!!!”

It was too late.

The dogs had come too close. This was of course the time that they decided to shake off all the water they had soaked up from the river and of course had to cover all the surrounding people in the process. The freezing water on our hot and under dressed skin sent a shock through us all. The dogs not realising what had just happened, continued to run around oblivious as we exclaimed our apologies on mass!

The pure embarrassment and shame swallowed us whole. It was such an awful moment but unfortunately dogs will be dogs and they certainly have a mind of their own! Thankfully everyone found it amusing and could see the funny side. Everyone understood that you can’t control when your dog might shake but my goodness we will carry the embarrassment with us…well, at least until the next time.

Wife and mother, x




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