Singing it loud and singing it proud!

So a lot of things change when you have a baby/child but I say embrace it!

Let me paint you a picture of a young carefree couple driving around in a little maroon two seater sports car. Enjoying life with the soft top down, sunglasses on and the top 50 chart playing. Ahh, it was a simpler life back then.

Let me paint you our reality now…

A fully loaded SUV with mummy, daddy, child and dog (plus the mass amounts of paraphernalia that comes along with them). Playing what ever nursery rhyme/song that will keep our daughter quiet and waving to her in her mirror as we go.

Now while you might imagine that is perhaps the worst nightmare to a couple like the first. Let me tell you, it is the best fun we have ever had!!

We have been experiencing wonderful weather as of late and today was no disappointment! A very lovely 26 degrees Celsius…total bliss!  All windows in the house and car wide open and still feeling the heat. It was while we were driving around town with our windows down, stereo blasting and the two of us belting out “love is an open door” (a Disney Frozen hit if you aren’t familiar) at the top of our lungs; that I couldn’t help but smile. What a picture we must be to the people around us but who cares!

We have a fantastic playlist for our drives that include some great Disney tunes, classic nursery rhymes and some of our own childhood favorites. My sister complains that every time she is in the car I end up singing along to my daughters music; no matter what the song. I just can’t help it! Children’s music is the most upbeat, positive and singable music you can get, who wouldn’t want to join in? She’s obviously not as cool as me 😉

The joy our musical renditions bring to our daughter is just wonderful. She claps along and thinks the whole thing is positively amusing. Although I’m not sure what that says about our singing! It truly makes the journey that bit more enjoyable for us all…well I suppose the dog can’t say otherwise.

I am thrilled have the sort of husband that embraces all the fun aspects of having a child with me. I think perhaps at one point in my life I would have worried what others thought. Although now I have learned the only thing that matters is enjoying life, whatever that may be to you. The group of students that you passed at the last set of traffic lights, who gave a funny look or laughed will be behind you in a flash. I’m certainly having too much fun to care!

So while there was something enjoyable about being the first couple in the little soft top sports car, driving around town carefree. I wouldn’t trade the life I have now for my old one for anything. Life may have been simpler then but it certainly wasn’t as fun.

Wife and mother, x

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