Mummy friends

My thought today as I arrive home from our baby group is this…

How do I make new mummy friends?

I am very lucky to have a pull of friends that have had babies around the same time as we have however distance or even just logistics of finding time can be really tricky. With that in mind I went in search of some baby groups where I could perhaps build up a little network of friends to do activities with.

I have joined a couple of these baby groups which have proven to be a great activity for my daughter and the perfect way for us to get out of the house together. Whether it is a sensory class, baby massage or even swimming, my daughter soaks up the fun and seeing her so excited makes it such an enjoyable experience for me.

The problem is that although week on week you chat to the other mums who are all so friendly, there is that awkward next step. How does the relationship progress out of the group environment?

It feels like the beginning of school, work or dating again where you know you will have to put yourself out there and maybe face a little rejection until you find what you are looking for. It is a little bit of a scary prospect but I guess at some point I’ll need to bite the bullet!

Ironically the friend we do most of our socialising with I actually met through our dog classes! Perhaps I should join more of those? I need to remember that although it was daunting sending her that first message, look where we are now! Taking that leap (so to speak) is worth it in the end.

So with that in mind there are some women from a group I very rarely attend who have set up a little mummy fitness group which sounds like the next thing I might try and if nothing else I will shed some baby weight in the process.

I guess in writing this I have given myself the perspective I needed. Funny how writing can do that! I need to stop being afraid of potential rejection (although much easier said than done). If I want to step friendships out of the baby groups, there is only one way to do it. I need to be brave and give them a chance to grow.

You never know, maybe we are all sitting there thinking the same thing?!

Wife and mother, x

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