Peace in a routine

I am sat watching my beautiful baby girl sleep. There is something calming about a sleeping baby. Perhaps it is the quiet that doesn’t normally surround her, the soft sound of her breathing and her relaxed little body. Safe and happy. The house seems so peaceful with only the gentling ticking of a clock breaking the silence. Even the dog has decided to have a nap and stay out of mischief.

We finally have a routine in our house. A flow of daily jobs and tasks; one which has taken a long time to develop. It is something that I have become very fond of, knowing what is happening next and when. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing where a day could take us and having one plan that suddenly develops into another but I am discovering a love of this sense of structure that a routine has brought to our lives.

It might seem boring to many people out there but as I sit here in the peace and quiet there is a sense of contentment in the air. Our baby loves the routine, she likes and needs it. The dog also enjoys an order to the day. Then there is my husband and I, who once upon a time didn’t think too far ahead but who are learning a new way of life and enjoying it.

I think that there is almost a plan to even our spontaneous activities. I will happily fit in anything to our day as long as it doesn’t disrupt the flow. I have times during the day that I can slot in these “spontaneous” things which won’t effect the main structure of the day. No missed nap times, baths or late meals etc. We will happily drop everything to go and visit her grandparents (a three hour drive away) as long as we can set off in the morning,; again so everything can revolve around the key points of the day. Having this structure that we can keep and yet slightly mold has become a wonderful tool.

This brings such a wonderful calm to our day. An assurance of what our day will generally bring even if we do take on a few “spontaneous” items along the way.

So while I sit here, knowing the silence won’t last; I am most thankful for my child. With all the structure she has brought to our lives and importantly the peace that comes along with it.

Wife and mother, x


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