Sun’s out! Hats off?!

Do you remember how I said there were many battles day to day with babies? Well here is the latest in our household!

When our daughter first started grabbing things, boy was it cute. We were so excited and praising until she suddenly was reaching and grabbing everything she shouldn’t! She has very quickly learned that she could remove any unwanted item that she could pull hard enough on. This includes her mitts, socks, bibs, headband and hat!

Now I think I am probably a little too OTT when it comes to sun safety but I just can’t help it. I am a total freak when it comes to the fear of sunburn and skin cancer, so much so that when I brought out the sun cream yesterday at a friends house, she laughed and said “I forgot what you were like about sun cream”…evidently other people have noticed the crazy too!  Yes I am that mad woman who has literally chased her husband around the garden, sun cream in hand, trying to smear it on him while he tells me (at the hottest part of the day I might add) that he is fine without! Not on my watch buddy; not on my watch!

Of course my husband laughs about it too and this cream chase is always in jest really. He does know that I am only looking out for his well being and we each have our idiosyncrasies that we play along with.

The trouble with a baby is that they don’t understand or care about safety… they just don’t fancy being lathered in cream; who can blame them?! However at least once you have covered them sufficiently they can’t remove it. A hat on the other hand?

So I literally have spent the last two days in a hat war. Hat on, hat off, hat on, hat off, hat on… you get the picture! It is yet another battle of will power. Who is more determined and stubborn to win the battle?

I picked that hat up from the ground and put it back on her head so many times today I could have called it my daily work out. I could make a exercise video based around all the things my baby would happily make me do on repeat all day. It would be the cheapest work out around, no need for a gym membership when their is a baby around!

I bet you can guess who won out in the end? *sigh* That’s right, I was beaten by my nine month old!

Although, could we call it a truce? I did give up but she didn’t put up a struggle being continually moved back into shade. See? Yet another fantastic fitness move? Bend, stretch, bend, repeat!

The question which I can’t stop asking myself is, how do I protect her fair haired and slightly bald head if she refuses to wear a hat? Do I make her look like a total grease ball and coat her entire head in sun cream? Or do I do the same battle day in and out of summer and hope that at some point she just gives in? Or will I just have to chase the shade…

Wife and mother, x

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