Boob issues!

Our poor breasts go through a lot when we have a baby!

During pregnancy, they get ridiculously tender, sensitive, sore and not to mention huge…at least you think they are huge; that is until you have the baby and your milk comes in! Suddenly they are beyond huge, I’d say ginormous and are as solid as rocks! At least this was my experience…

Another issue is the leaking of milk, which in the beginning happened all the time! People said it would happen if my baby cried (not that it was limited to just those occasions) and man they weren’t kidding. In a matter of seconds I looked like a competitor at a wet t-shirt competition and had over sized breasts to match! It also doesn’t matter how many breast pads you go through, it will always be that one time that you felt confident enough to risk going without…oh the hilarity!

A little down the track things settled down and I actually didn’t leak at all; hooray! I didn’t need to worry when I was out, I could say goodbye to nipple pads and it was wonderful. That’s not to say my boobs didn’t occasionally rival that of Pamela Anderson but they were able to regulate my milk supply without any embarrassing incidents.

With another little fast forward to now; I am suddenly back in a bit of a danger zone. Since we are weaning and my daughter is drinking less my breasts suddenly have to adjust again! This didn’t seem to bad at the start of the weaning process, probably because she was still drinking an awful lot but now we have dropped our fair share of feeds my body has begun to struggle again.

I found myself out for dinner recently which was always a lovely treat but now with the baby is definitely a treat and not something we do very often at all. We were staying in a pretty little hotel with an in house restaurant so we thought this would be a good opportunity to have an evening meal effectively “out” but be able to quickly get our daughter to bed afterwards. The room was very warm so everyone was happily sitting in tops and shirts without the need or desire to wear anything more. Happily enjoying the atmosphere and our meal; I was aware that I was starting to feel a little full and not from the food! I mentioned to my husband that I was probably looking forward to the evening feed as much as our child and then not long after I happened to look down…Without even realising, I suddenly had an enormous wet patch over one side of my top! Panicked I quickly grabbed my napkin and covered myself up until I was able to wrap my cardigan around me. Now having to endure the hot room, looking rather silly with extra clothing on while I had a glow of heat across my face! Not quite what I had expected at our little treat!

I feel this is going to be an on going issue as my daughters feeding habit changes and evolves over the next few months or even years. There is going to be a looming fear of when my milk might suddenly get the urge to strike and escape. I just hope that it isn’t in the wrong place at the wrong time however I don’t think that’s how it works; certainly not for me anyway! At least it will provide some entertainment if nothing else!

Wife and mother, x


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