Bum Genius – Elemental Review

Do you cloth nappy your baby or are thinking about it? Cloth nappies are great for the environment and are so easy to use. Most people worry about having to touch the soiled nappy once used but as a clean freak, believe me the the positives outweigh the negatives.

Picking the brand of nappy that works best for you and your little one can be tricky. I have been trying out different brands and the products they offer. Check out my latest review of the Bum Genius Elemental nappy. This all in one cloth nappy is a fantastic little buy and I feel it is totally worth buying.

Bum Genius – Elemental 

***** Long lasting dryness. Great fit.


  • This is an all in one nappy. There are two liners which are semi attached. They are loose in the middle but held in at the front and back of the nappy. 
  • Light weight and thin. This nappy is surprising absorbent for a thin and light weight nappy.place 
  • Wash well. Another very easy to wash nappy as it can just be thrown straight into the washing machine without having to remove any wet liners. There is some slight staining on this nappy but I think it is because of the absorbent liner.
  • Contains mess. I have had no problems with leaking or escaping poo or pee. They also last very well and there is always an option to add in additional liners if needed.
  • A choice of sizing. This nappy has numerous poppers for sizing in body length and around the tummy. 
  • Nice selection of colours. While this nappy doesn’t have as much choice in colour or design as some other cloth nappies; the colours that is does come in are very nice. 


  • Material. While the liners are very absorbent, the material doesn’t feel as soft as some other types. I’m sure it is still just as comfortable for the child though.
  • Drying time. Again as the liners are so absorbent it is probably not surprising that it takes a bit longer to dry. As the liners are not removable, it also means you have to find a way to let air in and around the two liners to help speed up drying time.

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