Failed nappy

This will probably be one of many blogs about nappies as time goes on. It is a topic that is constantly on my mind. Whether you choose to use cloth nappies or disposables. Huggies or Pampers. Bum genius or Bambino Mio. We are all desperate to get the best ones to avoid those oh so horrible leaking nappies!

Well this is on my mind this morning as I wake up to a leaked nappy. Pajamas and bed sheets soaked! Unfortunately this also happened in my bed. The bigger the bed, the bigger the sheets to fit in a laundry load. So suddenly I have more washing to do today!

Now I personally feel that it isn’t just about the nappy; I believe if I haven’t put it on just right then there is more chance of it leaking. By right I mean, carefully unfolded before putting on and ensuring that the tabs and their partners are flush and not crunched or bunched around the top of the leg (challenging when she wriggles and will not lie still). Check all ruffles are out. The top of the nappy must be not bent or tucked in. Slightly anal I know! Now yes, this is probably how everyone does it and during the day I don’t even think twice. It is a very quick nappy change while rushing around. I shove it on, check it looks all right and off I go.

However…the bedtime nappy is something of a piece of art in the evening. The fear of it not sitting quite right and the elevated risk that this will be the nappy with the most chance of leaking puts a lot of pressure on it.

I have tried quite a few brands as I am sure most of us have. I have found most nappies have the occasional leak. None are perfect as far as I have found. Although so far my favorite is the Pampers baby-dry. It is the favorite for now anyway. That is not to say that I think it is perfect. This is the second day on the trot that I have woken to discover the nappy has leaked. Why continue using them I hear you ask? Well quite simply I get more success than failure and the fear of using another type and ending up with more failure than success is too scary to try. At least for now.

Wife and mother, x

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