As a full time stay at home mummy, days are full of the funniest, craziest, scariest and sometimes most boring things. Times where you don’t know whether you should laugh or cry and moments where you wish you could talk to someone other than your child or pet! (Not that they are bad conversations to have.) Well days are long and thoughts are many. It is nice to vent and air the good, the bad and lets face it…the slightly ugly parts of being a mother and wife.

With a husband that works away, I find that I spend approximately half the year as well supported mother and the other as a single parent. Which obviously I am not but when there is literally no one else to help you in a 24 hour period for weeks on end, I feel I fall into that category. I take my hat off to all single parents out there. Doing if for half the time is hard, doing it full time must be incredibly difficult.

My blogs are purely for enjoyment and my opinions are my own. I think that every mother out there is trying to do the best they can and we should all be proud of the little lives we have brought into the world. So whether you choose to do things similarly to me or not, I believe you are doing a great job! I strongly feel we all are too quick to judge one another when we should be building each other up.

We are entitled to have our own opinions, so please respect mine and I will respect yours. I am neither a health  or any such professional nor claim to be one so please do not use anything said as much more than anecdotal chitchat. A place for me to voice my life as a wife and mother.

Thanks for reading,